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Dr. Eggman: (Mike Pollock/Chikao Ohtsuka)

Now you know why I am the best there is. I am Dr Eggman, the greatest scientific genius that all these worlds have ever seen!

I can expect great things from you, *partner name*. It's a shame that you can't work for me on a regular basis.

All my machines are built for destruction. Soon all worlds will know of my empire. I will succeed and you will see that there is no retreat.

(vs Sonic) Ohohohohoho.~ Your luck's run out this time Sonic! There's no rings, emeralds, or friends to bail you out this time.

(vs Knuckles) Hah! You're still as gullible as usual! You fell right into that one! Now the Master Emerald is mine for the taking.

(vs Amy) As scary as she can be, I can't believe that I ever took this girl seriously. I can at least use her to lure out Sonic.

(vs Akira) A bit slow, but I would have never imagined that any human being could leave a mark on me. You're stronger than I had realized.

(vs Sarah) While I don't do business with J6, I'll be helping myself to their technology. Perhaps the system behind this Dural can help make the ultimate machine.

(vs Jacky) You're nowhere close to having the speed capable of beating me. True speed is what gives me a migraine on a regular basis.

(vs Nights) Are you from some kind of "imaginaryland"? Something like this may require further study.

(vs Reala) I'm tired of these so-called gods stealing my thunder! Tell Wiseman to stay in his world while I take over mine!

(vs Beat) You rambunctious brat! You should know better than to deface the inventions of a genius!

(vs Amigo) If you're cozy with Sonic than you're no friend of mine. I would think that meddlesome rodent would have better taste in music.

(vs Ulala) Good, you have a camera ready! I want the whole world to know of my ambitions to bring my empire to greatness!

(vs Ryo) This figure you have has a passable likeness if I do say so myself. Just seeing that outfit has me all nostalgic.

(vs Billy Hatcher) Argh, you're like a smaller version of that irritating hedgehog. In fact, all your friends are disturbingly similar to his. You're as good as scrambled.

(vs Vyse) You think that airship can hold its own against me? Even with that Moonstone Cannon, you stand no chance against the Egg Fleet!

(vs Hotsuma) Just how can you chop my Pawns apart so easily and not blink an eye? It's a good thing I didn't let this one get any closer.

(vs Jack Cayman) You certainly have brutality, but my machines leave you outclassed in power.

(vs Bayonetta) Just who spread rumors regarding my death? As you can plainly see I am very much alive.

(vs Shadow) The only reason I put up with you is because you're all that's left of my grandfather's legacy. Next time do the smart thing and stay out of my affairs.

(vs Rouge) Up to your tricks as usual, I see. Well you'll learn that I won't be relinquishing the emeralds so easily.

(vs El Blaze) You think you can beat me just because you have some fancy wrestling moves? I'll show you that Dr. Eggman never surrenders!

(vs Bahn) This one actually beat Big Mahler? Hah! I have gadgets that could beat both of you easily!

(vs Kazuma) Ugh, this is why I dislike getting up close in personal with my enemies. I'm going to need an adjustment after this one.

(vs Axel) Mr. X has no idea how to use robotics to his advantage. I can assure you I can put Dr. Zan's technology to better use than he did.

(vs Gillius) I'll just be taking the Golden Axe. I may not be able to wield it, but I'll create something that can do all the fighting with it.

(vs Jet) I would have gladly given you the chance to face Sonic if you had sided with me. You and the Babylon Rogues are nothing but a nuisance to me.

(vs Blaze) You'll soon see that I'm in a different league compared to Nega. While I am not as vicious, I do still have the wits to outmaneuver you, princess.

(vs Self) Just what is this? This had a better not be Nega or some other copycat. I have to build my reputation back up.

(vs Ryu) This one is proving to be more troublesome than expected. I can see why Bison puts so much focus on him.

(vs Chun-Li) You think I'm associated with Shadoloo? I have my own Eggman Empire to be concerned with.

(vs Ken) It would seem that Ryu has a few rivals of his own. Not what I was looking for, but perhaps you could further my research on Hadou.

(vs Megaman) Don't go comparing me to Wily. Unlike him, I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty.

(vs Roll) Perhaps I could hold on to this model. Lately my own creations don't know how to keep the ship clean.

(vs Zero) So this one of his creations after all. This machine may very well have the potential to bring humanity to its knees.

(vs Morrigan) Hehe, it's about time that someone has taken notice of my refined charm. However, I won't be settling down until I rule the world.

(vs Felicia) A human hybrid using that hedgehog's techniques? I would have never imagined seeing such a sight.

(vs Captain Commando) Please, superheroes like you are so old fashioned. Although, I hear that infant might be my intellectual equal.

(vs Strider Hiryu) You fight against the Grandmaster's creations easily, but you'll see my army won't fall apart with just one "schwing".

(vs Tessa) I applaud that you devote yourself to the pursuit of knowledge, but it would seem that it hasn't helped in your abilities at all.

(vs Frank West) Just how are the dead able to move on their own?! Hand over that camera! It may have the evidence I need.

(vs Batsu) Oh-ho!~ You have such a fiery attitude. Too bad you're as easy to mislead as a certain echidna.

(vs Viewtiful Joe) Ohohoho!~ For a moment I thought you were on par with Sonic in speed, but you fizzled out rather quickly.

(vs Falcon) Not exactly what I was looking for, but this will work just as well. This Power Stone could power my latest weapon.

(vs Ruby Heart) Just why did you bring us all here? It doesn't matter. I intend to use this as an opportunity to further my own plans.

(vs Dante) That cocky personality is working on my every last nerve! You're just as irritating as that hedgehog!

(vs Akuma) Such destructive power! I never would have imagined something like this! Perhaps some cybernetics would help put him under my control.

(vs Alex) Illuminati? Don't compare me with some cheap two-toned god complex! At least I bother to wear clothes!

(vs Sakura) Why is it that I always have to deal with rambunctious youths? For once I would like to match wits with someone more mature.

(vs Protoman) Dr Light obviously didn't program you very well. I expect nothing but loyalty from my creations. Well there's still Metal Sonic and the E-Series, but that's not the point.

(vs Cody) You've got some nerve trying to pick a fight with me. My robots are stronger than some two-bit street gang.

(vs Gene) Did you actually send my machine flying with just one finger?! This one has got to have the Chaos Emeralds or some other power source!

(vs Spencer) I don't know of any organization called the Badds, but I'll be taking some of your technology just the same.

(vs Ibuki) Better ninja than you have tried to best me. You didn't fare any better than that chameleon and those other dim-witted detectives.

(vs Yun) You are such annoying brats! I'll teach the likes of you to interfere in my affairs!

(Sonic) I'll play with you some other time, Eggman. Right now I got to help get to the root of this mess.

(Knuckles) Thought you could just trick me again?! Not going to happen! I've lost count of each time you've misled me, but I'm going to pay you back for all of them!

(Amy) I won't be as caught so easily like in the old days! Try to get the jump on me and you'll get the hammer!

(Akira) You're not suited for fighting! Don't waste your inventions by sending them to fall before my fists!

(Sarah) I guess you're not part of J6's research division, although that Metal Sonic seems to have abilities similar to a Dural.

(Jacky) Could that vehicle be any slower? Even if you added on some wheels, you still couldn't keep up with me!

(Nights) I don't think that I know of anyone called Lumina and I'm looking for Ideya, not Precious Stones.

(Reala) An alliance? Please, insignificant creatures such as you are below the notice of Lord Wiseman.

(Beat) I think that color suits your gizmos way better than what you had. You should thank me for it.

(Amigo) So you're that Sonic guy's archenemy? I don't see why you always need to be such a baddie.

(Ulala) This one is as much of an egomaniac as Purge was. At least he has better taste in clothes.

(Ryo) I keep getting you amongst the capsule toys I collect. It seems that you've changed your image a bit.

(Billy Hatcher) Bad guys like you should know better! Keeping animals stuffed inside robots is just wrong! Keep them in eggs where they'll hatch out big and strong!

(Vyse) It doesn't matter how big of a ship you've got! The Delphinus has taken on vessels that are much larger in comparison!

(Hotsuma) You'll see that Akujiki can cut through any material with ease. Nothing you throw at me will last long.

(Jack Cayman) I've chopped down bigger robots than that. You're less of a pain in the ass compared to them.

(Bayonetta) It would seem that humpty dumpty is alive and well. We might have to change that if you try me any further.

(Shadow) You just don't give up do you, doctor? Be grateful that I'm showing you mercy this time around.

(Rouge) It was fun for a while, but I believe that I'll be taking my emerald now. Be seeing you.

(El Blaze) I wouldn't be surprised if you could make it in Lucha Libre. Just have your arms and legs get as big as your gut, then you'll stand a chance!

(Bahn) That's the biggest defense you could bring out? Old fogies like you got no business in a fight.

(Kazuma) Are you just good at running away? Anyone that has crossed me has to take their beating eventually.

(Axel) Great, more robots. I had enough of a hand full with Mr. X after he became a cyborg.

(Gillius) You're younger than me, yet you seem like you're ready to retire. I'm much more physically able in comparison!

(Jet) I'm through playing around with slowpokes like you. You can keep the treasure as long as I get my rematch with him.

(Blaze) It doesn't matter whether you're Nega or not. No one's going to get away with stealing the Sol Emeralds!

(Ryu) I don't know what you're plotting, but I will be sure to stand with Sonic against the likes of you.

(Chun-Li) You've just got to be associated with Shadoloo, as you're too weak to do anything on your own. I'm taking you in regardless.

(Ken) Man, you just hack it against me, pops. You were in over your head when you decided to give me and Ryu trouble.

(Megaman) Guys like you and Wily just never learn! I won't forgive anyone who uses robots for evil!

(Roll) I don't see why you gotta do bad things. Can't you be less like Dr. Wily and more like Dr. Light?

(Zero) You're not the one I'm looking for. That scientist who fought against X's predecessor should have the answers I need.

(Morrigan) These machines fall apart way too easily. The Gerdenheim family's creations are better put together.

(Felicia) Hey, why don't you do something good for once? Can you make it so those Huitzil robots don't give us any more trouble?

(Captain Commando) Your evil ambitions failed before they even got off the ground. Besides, these robots pale in comparison to the tech that Hoover makes for us.

(Strider) Even the strongest weapon will fall to my Cypher. You cannot beat me with a toy like that.

(Tessa) As a man of science, you should have known the outcome before this started. You would have made a lousy socerologist.

(Frank West) Yeah, think I'll just be borrowing some of these. They'll help me out more than anything in the stores.

(Batsu) You call that a fight?! I know school teachers who can bring me a challenge better than that!

(Viewtiful Joe) Is it supposed to be Eggman or Robotnik? Some supervillians just can't make up their minds.

(Falcon) Guess I'll always have someone after this little friend of mine, but at least I won't be bored.

(Ruby Heart) Even though this is the new age of heroes, I believe you'll come through and help us in the end, whether you like it or not.

(Dante) Listen, I take on supernatural stuff that's way bigger than that. What made you think taking me on was a good idea?

(Akuma) You have no business in the world of fighters! A fragile body such as yours will break as easily as those automatons!

(Alex) Just why the heck are you following me around? If you're with those Illumianti bozos, then you've just earned another beating.

(Sakura) Oops, sorry. I didn't think these robots could break so easily. In fact, you went down pretty easy yourself.

(Protoman) Guys like you just don't know when to give up despite the number of times you go down. How many is it for you?

(Cody) You should just stick to the science stuff, gramps. You don't stand a chance rumbling against me.

(Gene) What's that? You forgot to bring a spare battery? Next time you had better make sure you got more juice.

(Spencer) Just where do you keep getting supplies for tech like that? Someone like the Badds has just got to be backing you up!

(Ibuki) Alright, I just took down a big time mad scientist! Maybe I can skip training if I tell my sensei about this!

(Yun) That's all there is to it? Come on, Master Gen is on his last legs and can put up a better fight than you.

Credit for game concept goes to DjKyuubiRyu
Finally got around to doing yet another villain for these and Eggman won't be my last. Next up I'll be having Sagat introduced to the project.
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WegraMan Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I think Youngcap said something about Eggman fighting outside his walker. I assume that means he's going to be a summon character In other words summon Badniks and Egg pawns to do his dirty work? I think he did say the hypers for his mechs would stay.
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013
I know that much, although I for one pictured him more along the lines of MODOK. That doesn't seem to be his preference though.
GodDragonKing Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012
"Such destructive power! I never would have imagined something like this! Perhaps some cybernetics would help put him under my control."
Uh oh, don't tell we're going to have another Cyber Akuma as a boss.
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012
Nah, but I couldn't help but throw in a nod to him. : P
WegraMan Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Hey come to think of it Wasn't Metal Sonic supposed to be the Final boss? I think you forgot to do quotes for him!
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012
Well we didn't intend any and he was intended just for the first installment.
WegraMan Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
This is hands down one of the best batch of quotes. Favorites were Bayonetta, Dante, and Mega Man of course

I assume his moveset would be a tad similar to Trons but there would be a lot more missles, and machine guns, maybe even summoning Badniks here and there.

I also wonder which of his "Big guns" would appear as Hyper Combos. I can imagine the Death Egg Robot being his level 3.
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012
Well one I can imagine is the Sonic and Knuckles boss firing a beam with the Master Emerald acting as the conduit.
WegraMan Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Yeah I'd save that for a Level 1.

I would also imagine the Wrecking ball would be good for a specuial
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012
For a level 3 he could probably combine with one of the other final boss mecha; such as Egg Emperor, Egg Dragoon, or Egg Nega Wisp.
Theshadigi Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i second dante on his argument.
Remember all the times eggman has been overshadowed by supernatural beings
WillieManga Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2012
Where's Tron in this?
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2012
She's featured in her own and any I made after that.
Xero-J Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, this is extensive! :D
TheSwedishElf Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2010
Awesome, you introduced more characters! :D
y0ungcapc0m Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2010  Student Digital Artist
this one came out really good
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