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Blaze the Cat: (Laura Bailey/Nao Takamori)

For the longest time I have had to act alone because of this power. Can it really be possible to fight alongside others?

Now you know not to get on my bad side! You'll see that all enemies will fall before my power!

You accepted me in so easily despite knowing nothing about me. *Partner name*, would you consider me an ally for the time being?

(vs Sonic) Once again it seems that we are fighting against one another. Let us work towards a common goal instead.

(vs Knuckles) This one seems as cumbersome as he was last time. Hard to believe that it is his duty to guard those other emeralds.

(vs Amy) Wait, you've got it all wrong. I can assure you that me and Sonic are allies, nothing more than that.

(vs Akira) Perhaps some focus could help control my abilities. I'll gladly train with you sometime.

(vs Sarah) I've never known what it means to have a sibling or a rival. Perhaps I can at least gain something close enough to either.

(vs Jacky) In terms of racing, I still have some of Tails' vehicles stashed away, but those are intended for water.

(vs Nights) Excuse me, but I would prefer that we fight on the ground. You see, I'm not really that good with heights.

(vs Reala) I won't let you have the Sol Emeralds now this Ideya you speak of! I can tell just by looking at you that you have evil intentions!

(vs Beat) You won't escape me for long! With my technique, I can keep up with anyone at that speed!

(vs Amigo) You're right; I haven't taken much time to calm down. I guess I can listen for a moment at least.

(vs Ulala) Is that really a proper outfit to wear out in space? It's a miracle your body hasn't frozen over by now.

(vs Ryo) I'm afraid that I don't know how to help you at this point. All I can do is wish you the best.

(vs Billy Hatcher) How can you bring hatchlings into the midst of battle? Endangering them is unforgivable!

(vs Vyse) How is it that you wield both fire and other elements as well? The concept of these moonstones is foreign to me.

(vs Hotsuma) It seems that we each have a heavy burden to bear. We must rely on our curses and use them to our benefit.

(vs Jack Cayman) I cannot allow this bloodsport to continue! I'll melt that murderous arm into liquid if I must!

(vs Bayonetta) This outfit worn from your own hair is not something recommended as I could easily burn it away. Wait, you actually don't mind?!

(vs Shadow) So, you must be Shadow. It doesn't matter whose side you're on, as long as you stay out of my way.

(vs Rouge) If you've stolen one of the Sol Emeralds I'll make sure you'll regret it! You have no idea of the power they hold!

(vs El Blaze) You have the same name as me, but your ability is like an extinguished fire compared to me own.

(vs Bahn) An enclosed arena is not the best place to fight me. You'll see that I'm not someone you want to end up caged with.

(vs Kazuma) It seems that a child has opened your heart as well. Be sure to protect her with all your being.

(vs Axel) I honestly didn't know Blaze was such a commonplace name. In fact, one of my moves happens to have "axel" in the title.

(vs Gillius) I don't need potions to maintain this power. It dwells within me and I can call it out as I please.

(vs Jet) I seem to remember ruins similar to the ones made by your kind. Tell me, do you have the ability to access other worlds?

(vs Self) Just how is it possible for this to happen?! Could it be that there was another me at one point?

(vs Ryu) It seems that you still have much to learn. Come back and face me once you've developed your skills.

(vs Chun-Li) I expected nothing less from you. Still, there's no chance for you to maneuver past my flames.

(vs Ken) You'll see my skills with the flame are superior! Unlike you, I can maintain this fire as long as needed.

(vs Megaman) You should have brought a weapon that could counter my flames. Never go into a fight unprepared.

(vs Roll) Thank you for your hospitality. You are much like this other girl who helped me at one point.

(vs Zero) I have no idea who you work for, but you would be wise to leave be me unless you want your armor melted.

(vs Morrigan) Where do you get off asking about the size of my chest? That's private and I don't see why you would ask such things!

(vs Felicia) That's strange. For a moment I was certain that you were human. You don't look like any cat I know of.

(vs Captain Commando) I underestimated you and thought flames were your only weapon. I won't make that mistake next time.

(vs Strider Hiryu) You move like the wind itself, but you'll see that even the fastest opponent cannot extinguish these flames.

(vs Tessa) There is much that I still don't know about my duty, the Sol Emeralds, and these flames. I doubt you could provide me with any new knowledge.

(vs Frank West) These creatures will not last long against my flames, but I wish that I could do something about the smell that comes afterward.

(vs Batsu) Your very spirit is like a fire in itself! It's almost as if you're close to igniting flames of your own!

(vs Viewtiful Joe) I see that you have a strategy to use against fire-based attacks. However, that won't be able to save you here.

(vs Falcon) Indeed this is a powerful gem. On the other hand, it's not what I'm looking for. You can keep it.

(vs Ruby Heart) Just how are you able to move through these worlds freely? Perhaps you can assist me in finding the Sol Emeralds.

(vs Dante) I'll admit you have a variety of weapons, but that will not matter. It doesn't matter who you are. You have no chance of withstanding my ability.

(vs Akuma) For a moment it felt as if I would lose control. I needed everything I had just to survive this one.

(vs Alex) I can't escape? You're wrong! Its you who won't be escaping me!

(vs Sakura) You're still somewhat naïve, but for some reason I seem to like that about you.

(vs Protoman) It seems that each of us must act alone. Unlike you, I have no choice in the matter.

(vs Cody) You've chosen the wrong person to fight with. If you like playing with fire, then I'll leave your fingers burned.

(vs Gene) You'll regret striking me in such a manner! Your blows will only serve to spark my anger and my flames along with it!

(vs Spencer) That arm will only get you so far. No one can escape me no matter how high they can reach. Although, I would prefer you down on the ground.

(vs Ibuki) I have heard of a group of detectives with a ninja in their ranks. Your espionage skills are worse off in comparison from what I have heard.

(Sonic) Hey, nice to see you again! Marine isn't giving you too much trouble back home is she?

(Knuckles) You got lucky last time! This time I'm on my guard! Let's settle this and see who the stronger guardian is!

(Amy) Okay, you're pretty sure that you and Sonic got nothing going on? Just making sure. I just got this thing about him being alone with another woman for too long.

(Akira) Temper your body so that you too can possess "true strength"! Once you've mastered your abilities, they will be yours to control!

(Sarah) Heh, go easy on me now. I have very few outfits and I don't want to lose this one just cause you can't hold back.

(Jacky) You're relying too much on those flames to give you that added boost! You've got to get some natural speed in your attacks!

(Nights) Come on, I think you can get used to flying. Let's duelize and see if I can help you conquer your fears.

(Reala) It seems this one has a fear of heights. Given that the air is my specialty, I can easily exploit this.

(Beat) Uh, maybe I shouldn't have done that. I forgot that this paint is supposed to be flammable.

(Amigo) Life always starts with a sunny day! I just can't wait for a new adventure! That's how the song goes, right?

(Ulala) Yeah, that's it! Feel the groove! You're practically on fire now! Wait, you really are on fire!

(Ryo) I'm sorry about the trouble just now. The rest of the time I'm usually good around cats.

(Billy Hatcher) Okay, I've got these eggs well fed. Those flames could help with incubation, but there's no need with my chicken suit.

(Vyse) You did all that even without a red moonstone!? Whoa, that's some pretty hot stuff alright.

(Hotsuma) It seems you also carry a heavy burden. I will not trouble you any longer

(Jack Cayman) Never been much for using fire with my kills, but it is an idea to keep in mind.

(Bayonetta) Oh dear, it seems that you burned a few ends off. Guess I'll be wearing less around the arms and legs now.

(Shadow) It seems that these emeralds are incompatible with my own abilities. Fine, I'll let you keep them for now.

(Rouge) Ah-ha.~ These will make a nice addition to my collection. Sorry honey, but you're going to have to part with those emeralds.

(El Blaze) The only one worthy to bear the name of "the blaze" is the one who achieves victory!

(Bahn) Sure you're not that one cat that stole Honey's image? I'm starting to wonder if that one even existed or not.

(Kazuma) Wasn't the best idea to provoke you, but I saw no other way to throw you off guard. It's hard to get around those flames of yours.

(Axel) Happen to have a friend with the same name as you. Doubt she shoots flames, but you definitely have her tenacity.

(Gillius) Your abilities seem similar to Tyris, yet I am impressed you can use them without a weapon.

(Jet) I have been seeing you at the Extreme Gear competitions lately. Come all the way from your world to challenge a genius like me?

(Ryu) It seems that we each need to train yourselves, otherwise we could lose ourselves to our own power.

(Chun-Li) Just how are you able to produce flames like that? I'm starting to think you have some sort of technology providing it. Are you connected to S.I.N?

(Ken) You think those spinning flames are all that? Just wait until you get a taste of my Shinryuken.

(Megaman) I was worried about this fight for a second. I should check to see if I still have Ice Man's data backed up somewhere in case I encounter this one again.

(Roll) Its alright, you can trust me for sure. A friend of mine is always a friend. Isn't that right?

(Zero) Flame Mammoth and Magma Dragoon combined could probably be less trouble than you.

(Morrigan) Hm, sadly a bit of a "washboard" compared to that other bat. I guess the size varies from species to species.

(Felicia) Wow, I found myself another friend! It doesn't matter if you're the same kind of cat. I'm sure we'll get along.

(Captain Commando) Even my Captain Fire cannot reach a temperature such as this! It seems that I needed all the help I could get.

(Strider) You too live a life in solitude. If you choose to reach out towards others, then it is your own choice.

(Tessa) While you both can produce flames, I wouldn't say that your kicking power is on par with Mai-Ling.

(Frank West) Hey, take it easy! I don't want these new photos to get all scorched up before I turn them in!

(Batsu) There you go! Get all fired up and have your flames rage along with your burning will! At my best I'll be able to counter that with flames of my own!

(Viewtiful Joe) Whoa, I don't think even Fire Leo was this hard. I'm starting to wish I could use my VFX a little more.

(Falcon) What's with all these other emeralds that keep popping up? My Power Stone feels a bit less special now.

(Ruby Heart) I see that you have no love for pirates. I can assure you I'm not like some homemade fake made by some half-baked scientist.

(Dante) I can also be pretty dang hot when I want to be. I left my Ifrit back at the shop, but I got a couple of chatty blades to make up for it.

(Akuma) Did you think that this fire would be enough to force my retreat? Even the fires of Hell itself cannot hold me back!

(Alex) That's for stealing my line! Once I've got you in my Hyper Bomb, I'll see that you're the one that won't escape!

(Sakura) Come on, why do you have to be so moody? Just try to have some fun in finding a good challenge.

(Protoman) Wasn't really the brightest idea to challenge you. My shield could barely hold up to this kind of heat.

(Cody) Geez, that's hotter than a molotov! I always hate it when my opponents go all pyromaniac on me.

(Gene) Hey, quit trying to charge so hard into me! My thumbs are hurting from just trying to hold you back!

(Spencer) Did you really have to be so rough? I almost thought my hand was going to melt right off!

(Ibuki) It was kind of hard to find some cover with you burning things up. Still managed to beat you though.

Credit for game concept goes to DjKyuubiRyu
Sorry, SOR fans. This isn't Blaze Fielding, but Blaze the Cat from the Sonic Rush series. I always seem to have fun writing quotes for the Sonic characters in particular. Next time I'll go back to Street Fighter with quotes for Yun.
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StreamOverlord Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013
Blaze Is Truly One Of My Favorites! THANKS!

legorulez49 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013   Digital Artist
Now all I can imagine is Blaze having a moveset similar to Dhalsim's and shouting "YOGA FIRE!" in her voice.
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013
Nah. Maybe just her moves from various game apperences.
WegraMan Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Hmmmm I can imagine a moveset similar to Phoenix. Any ideas for Hypers?
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013
I can imagine Burning Blaze being temporally controlled and able to summon fire pillars, a spinning fire cyclone similar to Jin Saotome's, and a diving spinning dropkick while surrounded by flames in order to look like a drill.
y0ungcapc0m Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2010  Student Digital Artist
can't wait 4 Yun

BTW do u play Left 4 Dead?
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2010
I've played the 2nd one at least.
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