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Beat: (Josh Keaton/Shinji Kawada)

Yeah, pump out those tunes, Professor K! Always nice to have some funky rhythm to skate to!

Alright, that's one tag one of the way. Now let's get the rest of town before Rokkaku's guys catch up to us!

Yeah, this guy's all tagged up now! That means you gotta pack your bags and clear out of Tokyo-To now!

You've got some slick moves there, *partner name*. Show us your mad skating skills and we might let ya in the GGs.

Just a few swift spray moves and I got me a tag in no time flat! Its amazing how I can get a work of art in less than a few seconds.

Now that's what I call graffiti soul! No way will any rival gangs be covering that up easily.

That's how we "rudies" roll! Once we get moving, there's nothing out there that can catch us!

Yeah, that's right *partner name*. Just feel the momentum and go with the rhythm. You'll be surprised on what you can pull off.

(vs Sonic) Think you can grind with the best of them? You got slick shoes and speed, but you just don't know the city like we do.

(vs Knuckles) Hey chill, we may spray up the place and have a general disrespect for authority, but the GGs aren't thieves.

(vs Amy) You look like you can handle yourself on the rails. Just get yourself some skates and you'll catch up to that heartbreaker in no time.

(vs Akira) There's no way you're gonna catch me if you just keep standing there. Before you know it that karate get-up will be seeing some more color.

(vs Sarah) Your bro's that Jacky guy right? Bet I could even outrace his wheels with the speed I can get.

(vs Jacky) Yeah, I think I can keep up with ya. Tunes from a beatbox work as well for me as an engine does for a car.

(vs Nights) The dream world's a pretty nice place. Almost makes it a shame to leave a tag when I'm there.

(vs Reala) In the right environment I can fly just as well. Big mistake taking me on in my territory.

(vs Self) Not again! At least its not some weird robot version of me like last time, at least I don't think so.

(vs Amigo) Those spicy latino beats are nice, but ain't really my niche. Got anything hip like on the Jet Set Radio?

(vs Ulala) Now those are some hip rhythms I can move to! No way will some aliens will catch me tripping over myself!

(vs Ryo) Mad Angels? Never heard of a gang like that, man. We don't really deal with the old fashioned biker types.

(vs Billy Hatcher) Don't even think of skating around with that. Combo can pull some mad tricks while holding a beat box, but no way anyone can to it with a big honking egg.

(vs Vyse) In some way you could say the GGs are like you Rogues. Live life on the edge and deal harsh reality to authority, am I right?

(vs Hotsuma) Just how are you moving across walls without any skates? Are you one of those parkour guys I keep hearing about?

(vs Jack Cayman) Dang, this place has no color whatsoever besides black, white, and red. Looks like its time for me to get to work and spray some life into it.

(vs Bayonetta) Okay, I've seen some pretty unique footwear before, but you definitely take the cake. No way will I be able to grind with guns on my feet though.

(vs Shadow) Hey, where did you get those awesome skates!? Seriously, those gotta be custom, cause I ain't never seen anything like those!

(vs Ryu) Hey, I don't need to go and fight ya outright. All I need to do is tag you senseless and you're out like a light.

(vs Chun-Li) Aw crud, I didn't know you were a cop! You've got more power than the tanks they pull out!

(vs Ken) Rich guys like you really shouldn't bring their rides into Shibuya-Cho. Leave it alone for a second and its got itself a tag as a souvenir.

(vs Megaman) So you're some kinda "roboy" huh? Any chance some skates will fit on those big feat of yours?

(vs Roll) So you happen to have a bird named Beat? Small world, huh? Maybe you can even give him some goggles like mine.

(vs Zero) Wait, so you're from farther ahead in the future? Wonder if they got any robot gangs still keeping the GG spirit alive.

(vs Morrigan) Are you with the Rapid 99 or something? Man, I thought we already took care of them.

(vs Felicia) Whoa, nearly fell of balance there. I'm usually not this distracted, but can obviously see why.

(vs Captain Commando) I thought the cops already went overboard before, but now they got ninja, mummies, and mecha on our case!

(vs Strider) Okay, I admit you can get around with just your bare feet, but you'll never have slick moves like I do.

(vs Tessa) You got more tricks up your sleeves than one of the Noise Tanks. Doubt there's any gangs that got some fantasy theme going on though.

(vs Frank West) Come one, these Poison Jam wannabes are no problem. Even Rokkaku's boys aren't this slow!

(vs Batsu) School? To be honest there are times where I forget it exists. You just loose yourself when you're skating around Shibuya-Cho.

(vs Viewtiful Joe) Check out this tag. I based it off the cel-shaded stuff they use in all those games lately. You know all about that right?

(vs Falcon) So those stones can make your wildest dreams come true? Where's the fun in that if you don't gotta lift a finger to achieve them.

(vs Ruby Heart) Nothing personal in regards to tagging up your ship. It actually adds some personality to it.

(vs Dante) So you're into that demon hunting business huh? I guess you don't deal with hokey stuff like that one rumor bout the demonic record.

(vs Akuma) Whoa, this guy's the real deal! Never thought there would actually be real demons.

Credit for game concept goes to DjKyuubiRyu
Makes me wish I still had the original Jet Grind Radio game for my Dreamcast. I'll have Captain Commando ready eventually.
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WillieManga Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012
Josh Keaton FTW. Johnny Yong Bosch could also be a potential match.
WegraMan Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I just picked this baby up on Steam. The keyboards controls are a difficult to master so I guess I should've downloaded the game on LIVE if I had it.

But I can picture Beat being a very big air combo character. I can also imagine rails popping out of nowhere to land his attacks.

Not to mention his idol animation would have him dancing a bit.
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012
Yup that all makes sense to me. I can imagine his level 3 having him perform one of the larger tags using the opponent as his canvas.

I played the game way back on Dreamcast and wish I had a chance to buy it after renting it once or twice.
WegraMan Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
You know it's on Steam right?
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013
Yeah, but I need to upgrade my computer quite a bit first.
y0ungcapc0m Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2010  Student Digital Artist
great,I love how u did on vs C Commando and Chun li
but the only thing u messed up is the vs Morrigan quite it doesn't make any sense
it would be great if Beat tough Morrigan is one of the Member of Rapid 99.
I looked up love Shockers and they don't look any thing like Morrigan,sorry dude
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2010
Alrighty, I'll fix that.
y0ungcapc0m Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2010  Student Digital Artist
BTW do u ever played JSRF?
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2010
Sadly no, but I did do some research. Mostly familiar with the original.
y0ungcapc0m Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2010  Student Digital Artist
u should play that game is great
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2010
Gladly would if I had an X-box on me. ;_;
y0ungcapc0m Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2010  Student Digital Artist
sorry to herd that
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2010
Yeah, there's some Sega games on it that I wish weren't confined to that one system, like JSRF, Shenmue 2, and Panzer Dragoon Orta.
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