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(Seiya) Stage Theme: Pegusus Fantasy

They say that when evil comes forth, the Saints will join together to fight. I don't see any of the Bronze Saints, but I've got a feeling the toughest is yet to come.

Have you ever felt the true power of the Cosmos? Trust in my power and we'll make it through, *partner name*!

Burn my cosmos! Nothing's going to ever stop me now! This is the true power of Pegusus!

(vs Ryu) What?! Isn't that Shiryu's technique?! I know his "rising dragon" anywhere! Just where did you pick that up at?!

(vs Chun-Li) You know, I'm getting a bit better about fighting women. Shaina never lets me hear the end of it when I start to hold back.

(vs Alex) Some of my first fights just so happened to be against grapplers. In fact, most of my training was in the birthplace of wrestling.

(vs Morrigan) Listen lady, I know that I'm pretty, many ladies have said the same thing, but I got a mission to finish. But...later on I'll give it some thought.

(vs Falcon) You seem to have gained yourself Cloth of your own. Just what power does that stone possess?

(vs Tessa) What's with the outfit? Did this turn into some kind of fairy tale all of a sudden?

(vs Strider) You weren't able to disable me with that speed. I could see just where you were!

(vs X) So you're just using the weapons of other warriors? I remember having to do that once when I first fought Ikki.

(vs Zero) Never thought I would be fighting a robot. It honestly felt no different from fighting a living person.

(vs Nero) You're looking for someone named Dante? He's one of the twenty-four Silver Saints, right?

(vs Viewtiful Joe) No offense pal, but you wouldn't make it as a Saint. You're cool and all, but not that much of a hero.

(vs Arthur) You're not a Saint, but you're pretty powerful for a short guy. But the thing is, you may want to take better care of your Cloth if you want to keep it golden.

(vs Akuma) The Cosmos that guy is emanating is pure evil, unlike anything I have ever felt. What is he?

(vs Leon) No offense, but conventional weapons aren't much good here. You had better call it quits.

(vs Guy) Well it was only a matter of time before I fought some ninja. Maybe I'll fight me some more in the near future.

(vs Vergil) You think this was hard for me? It's not my first time fighting the denizens of the underworld!

(vs Demitri) You should see how much blood is spilled whenever the Saints fight one another. It's practically a buffet providing you're not above licking the ground while you're down there.

(vs Ibuki) You really shouldn't complain so much about training. I know guys who've had to go through far worse. Hope that puts things in perspective for you.

(vs Yun) It's not my first time fighting Chinese martial arts and I've seen much better than that!

(vs Sean) Is that all you've accomplished from training? You'll need to beat my Pegusus Ryuseiken to stand a chance!

(vs Juri) Jeez, what's with this crazy lady? That glowing eye of her really gives me the creeps.

(vs Necro) You gave me a little shock for a moment, but that doesn't matter. There's nothing I can't recover from!

(vs M. Bison) All you stand for is chaos and destruction! In the name of Athena, I'll defeat both you and your organization!

(vs Gill) You think that you're a god? You wannabe. Saori Kido is the Goddess Athena, not an impostor like you

(vs Cody) I almost thought of giving myself a similar handicap, but you pushed father than I would have thought.

(vs Akira) Can't rely on your big brother forever. I know that even Shun had to grow out of Ikki's shadow eventually.

(vs Jon Talbain) Don't feel too bad. The "wolf" within the Bronze Saints also gets the short end of the stick, so he would sympathize.

(vs Donovan) Don't push yourself too hard. That girl is gonna need someone to look after her.

(vs Claire Redfield) So you're looking for your older sibling? It's the other way around for me, but I can relate either way.

(vs Date Masamune) I can picture us clashing if we were to cross paths again, but I just can't hate a spirited fighter like you.

(vs Bass) The one you and your dog join together…it's almost as if you take on a Cloth with a life of its own!

(vs Captain Commando) Just like you and your team, the Saints also fight together for justice and peace.

(vs Apollo Justice) We both have a similar sense of justice, but without training you'll never qualify for my line of work.

(vs Ingrid) What's your deal? I don't know what you are, but given my past experience, you possibly being a goddess doesn't seem so farfetched.

(vs Blodia) How do you like that?! That big hunk of metal just can't stand up to my awesome power!

(vs Cammy) Darn it, it's been a while since I've had to fight a woman. This was harder than I thought.

(vs Blanka) I still find it hard to believe you learned to discharge electricity just by swimming with eels.

(vs Bilstien) I won't stand by while a tyrant like you tries to dominate the galaxy! This is the punishment for your crimes!

(vs Q-Bee) I've had to deal with wolves, vampires, and now a bee. It's almost like I'm fighting one of Poseidon's Mariners.

(vs Regina) You must fight dinosaurs so much that you've forgotten how to fight against a human being.

(vs Goku) It's been a while since I could fight evenly with someone! I might just need a Golden Cloth if you took it a step further.

(vs Vegeta) Your blows may be powerful, yet here I am still standing! Even you can't break the armor of Pegusus!

(vs Naruto) You definitely have what it takes to be a Saint, kid. Your "will of fire" and Nindo is an example that we should all follow.

(vs Sakura) That girl's strength is amazing! She managed to crack my Pegasus Armor. If she became a Saint who knows how powerful she would be!

(vs Luffy) That proves which of us is more durable and which of us can punch faster.

(vs Zoro) Now that's just overdoing it! Don't your teeth hurt from all that fighting by now?!

(vs Ichigo) I'm starting to wonder where all these Soul Reapers rank compared to actual gods.

(vs Yusuke) You must have already come back from the dead twice, but I know someone who only needs so many to come back stronger.

(vs Jotaro) Alright! Let's see which is better! Your Star Platinum or my Pegusus Ryuseiken!

(vs Kenshiro) This guy suddenly goes shirtless as many times as Shiryu does! I wonder where he's packing all those spare jackets at.

(vs Yugi) Saori Kido is also a fan of Duel Monsters. Last I heard she's making a deal with that Pegasus guy to partner and produce more of them.

(vs Bobobo) Is this part of some show? I don't really get the sense of humor. Also, have you noticed that your two friends are basically a candy and a dessert?

(vs Allen) You may be able to cleanse Akuma with that big arm, but can you even throw a punch with it?

(vs Piccolo) This is a real alien? Wow, I can only assume that my power's got attention from beyond the stars now.

(vs Kinnikuman) Hey listen, Saori Kido is a big fan of yours. She's hosting the next Choujin Olympics and wouldn't mind meeting you sometime

(vs Sasuke) How sad of you. You're just like all those evil Saints and like them you'll end up losing everything, accomplishing nothing

(vs Robin) Yeah, there's quite a bit of history to us dating all the way back to Ancient Greece. I of course don't always keep up on it though.

(vs Freiza) I can't forgive someone like you! Tyrants like you will feel the might of my Pegusus Ryuseiken!

(vs Cell) You're just an amalgation of techniques brought together for a twisted purpose. I'll make sure that you hurt no one else with them!

(vs Trunks) Were you using your whole strength? If I was holding back then I wouldn't even have the Cloth of Pegusus on.

(vs Gaara) What incredible defense! I would even go as far as saying your sand rivals the chains of Andromeda.

(vs Orochimaru) You'll fall just like the rest of my enemies! Summon that big snake and I'll pulverize it with my Pegasus Ryuseiken!

(vs Nami) You've got some variety in your techniques, but I would say that Hyoga's Diamond Dist technique would finish it a lot quicker.

(vs Akainu) What motivates a man to such an extreme? It doesn't matter. I'll have to bring this tyranny to an end myself!

(vs Rukia) This isn't all too different from fighting Cygnus. I wouldn't be surprised if Hyoga had ancestors who became part of this Soul Society thing.

(vs Polnareff) I'll fight as far as I have to, but I don't want to go as far as to fatally injuring an opponent who's earned my respect.

(vs Dio) There's always someone stronger than you, so you had better get used to receiving a similar punishment again and again!

(vs Raoh) Man, I shudder to think what would happen if he acquired a Cloth and became like a Golden Saint.

(vs Kenshin) See now? I'm confident enough to go against a sword, even when I have no weapon of my own.

(vs Gon) You have a fighting style that keeps me guessing. I may need to rely on more than just my fists this time.

(vs Light) Is that notebook more important than your life?! Give up on this twisted pursuit while you are still able!

(vs Self) Have the Black Saints returned?! Things could get bad if we have to fight against them again, especially if their mirroring our current degree of strength!

(vs Mazinger) It doesn't matter how big it is or how powerful! My attacks will shoot through like a meteor, so be ready to catch them!

(vs Android 18) It's against my honor to go all out against a woman, no matter how hard they hit back!

(vs Sanji) Hey, you might want to get over that hang up about not hitting women. I learned the hard way that chivalry doesn't win all battles.

(vs Kagura) I gotta say, you're very powerful, even if you're not a Saint. Why you could even give the Golden Saint of Tauros a run for his money.

(vs Yoh) I had some pretty intense training back in Greece with Malin, but you seem to shudder whenever this Anna girl is brought up.

(vs Aizen) You won't deceive me so easy! Even if I lose all five of my senses, I still have my Cosmos and that's the key of my life!

(vs Train) That's not going to work! With my degree of power I can even punch bullets out of the air!

(vs Tsuna) I see that much like Saori you have my share of guardians, but I'm starting to doubt if you really need them given how strong you are.

Quotes from Others:

(Ryu) I think you're mistaken. It's the Shoryuken, not the Rozan Shoryuha. Do you know someone with a similar technique as my own?

(Chun-Li) You're still just a Bronze Saint at this point? I think you're far overdue for a promotion.

(Alex) Trying to turn this around so I'm the one face first in the ground? Not happening, chump!

(Morrigan) Loyal to one and one alone I see. She's probably not an all seeing goddess. What she won't know won't hurt you.

(Falcon) Hey, you get all that armor as a default! How is that supposed to be fair for me?

(Tessa) Just slow down and tell me more about all about this Cosmos phenomenon. So far it all seems Greek to me.

(Strider) You follow your duty above all else, yet you still haven't lost sight of who you are.

(X) What a powerful armor! I may just need to see if Dr. Light left any capsules for further upgrades.

(Zero) I know to watch out for rookies with a huge amount of potential. X used to be the same way once.

(Nero) So you're the follower of some kind of goddess. Well screw that. I'm not getting into crap like that.

(Viewtiful Joe) That is some stylish armor! Hey, I would get me one of those Clothes, but I'm a bit attached to my V-Watch.

(Arthur) Hark! A fellow armored warrior seeks to do battle against me! Very well, I shall see if your Cloth holds stronger than mine own armor!

(Akuma) You are a servant of the gods but hold no chance in surpassing them! Tremble before me!

(Leon) You have more than enough body armor and those punches make up for any lack of weapons. Don't know what other advice to give you, kid.

(Guy) You may be able to strike several times within an instant, but my strongest technique is more effective.

(Vergil) Did you think you would ever see the day that a devil would overcome a "saint"?

(Demitri) I was currently planning on acquainting myself with the goddess you serve under. Something about Athena in particular seems familiar for some reason, as if like an encounter from another lifetime.

(Blodia) What was that supposed to be?! It's not much of a comet if my VA can shrug it off so easily!

(Goku) So is that weighted training armor? Maybe we should see how high your power level goes up without it.

(Vegeta) Ha! Now your wings have been clipped! What good is a Pegusus if it cannot even fly?

(Naruto) Guys like us may struggle in the tough battles, but look at us now! We came up on top at the end!

(Sakura) Some guys just butt in head first, but that only works half the time. "Yeah! What was this guy thinking?!"

(Luffy) Are you even a real pegusus? I thought you were going to turn into a horse with wings, but that never happened.

(Zoro) Do you gotta be so noisy with all your comets and meteors? Just let me take a nap for a minute.

(Ichigo) Look, I don't know anyone named Hades. I doubt the Soul Society and Hueco Mundo are connected to that Underworld stuff.

(Yusuke) You were attacking all over the place, but when it comes down to it, you sometimes just need one shot to win.

(Jotaro) What a pain. Kids like you just don't know when to give up. When you're beat, you're beat.

(Kenshiro) Your Pegusus Ryuseiken is not unlike my Hokuto Hyakuretsuken. It was an honor to match my fists against your own.

(Yugi) You made sure to hang in there and bring my life points down a bit. Still, I think you could even destroy one of the god cards with those fists.

(Bobobo) Check this out! I drew the constellation of the nose-air on me so you would know what technique I was doing!

(Allen) That's some incredible strength. I needed to play defensive for a just a little bit.

(Piccolo) This guy has the potential to destroy whole galaxies, but that doesn't matter since me and most of everyone I know has the same potential.

(Kinnikuman) Just because you've trained in Greece doesn't mean you know how to wrestle with the best of them. I'll show you how my Kinniku Driver compares to your moves!

(Sasuke) I've abandoned all other feelings for my purpose. A lone avenger can achieve more than a group full of lap dogs.

(Robin) You may have plenty of power, but that's easy to misdirect. Sorry to cause you to have such a poor performance.

(Mazinger) You haven't seen anything until you've seen what Mazinger is capable of! Think that armor can take us on?!

Credit for game concept goes to Guyverman
I'm still kind of a newbie to the Saint Seiya series and have only just got by when Seiya beats Ikki in the anime, still I think I managed well. I'm watching the uncut version these days. Knights of the Zodiac was alright, but I'll take Pegusus Fantasy over some song from the 80s any day. I would also like to thank Erick Genryusai for giving me some ideas for certain quotes.

I'll have some fun doing Apollo Justice next time since I've gotten into the Ace Attorney series quite a bit.
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SpiralsongReturns Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013
So, what would be 3 good intros and intro quotes for seiya?
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013
Wish I knew, but I can imagine him donning the cloth and assuming a pose would be a good intro animation.
GodDragonKing Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013
"Listen lady, I know that I'm pretty, many ladies have said the same thing, but I got a mission to finish. But...later on I'll give it some thought."
So, is that a good or a bad idea to say to her?
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013
Hard to say. o.o
GodDragonKing Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013
"This guy suddenly goes shirtless as many times as Shiryu does! I wonder where he's packing all those spare jackets at."
That's actually a good question. Maybe he just takes them from dead bad guys.
"I had some pretty intense training back in Greece with Malin, but you seem to shudder whenever this Anna girl is brought up."
Oh that's nothing, try training under Roshi or Piccolo, or look at what Naruto just does to himself.
ryu238 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013
(vs Bobobo) " Also, have you noticed that your two friends are basically a candy and a dessert?"
Bobobo: He's on to us! Let's book it!
ryu238 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013
"(vs Yusuke) You must have already come back from the dead twice, but I only need so many times before I come back stronger!"
Ummm isn't that Ikki's gimmick?
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013
Hrm, yes it is. I'll need to fix that. O.o
GodDragonKing Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
"But...later on I'll give it some thought."
Probably best not to give Morrigan ideas unless you actually want her.
ryu238 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012
Ibuki: How bad could your training be? Seiya: I had to train hard enough to punch at the speed of sound for just my basic technique, one of my friends had to punch a waterfall so hard it falls up, another had to punch multiple thousand-year old glaciers into bits without cold protection, and another dies to get stronger repeatedly... in fact we all did that last one at one time or another. Pullups over chasms and standing on fingers in the rain are also common.
Ibuki/sean/Yoh/Yun:... what?
Tsuna:... WHAT?!?! ('This makes Reborn's training anemic in comparison... I just hope he didn't hear any of that. don't want him to get "gulp" ideas.')
Sakura: Really? (How gullible does he think we are. CHA!)
Yusuke:... And I thought the old bat was sadistic...
Zoro: (Takes notes. 'Looks like I'm not training right')
Goku: Died to get stronger? Oh you met King Kai then? He never mentioned you guys. So did you guys have a friend use Shenrong to bring you back? Seyia: Um that isn't how it worked. Also we came back though the awakening of our higher levels of Cosmos... except Ikki but he is a special case.
ryu238 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012
Ichigo: I've had some hard training... but this is just silly.
Naruto: Yeah making a waterfall go in reverse and dying as a training technique is just dumb.
GodDragonKing Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
Sakura: Didn't Jiraya push you off a cliff as part of your training?
Naruto: Yes, and I would have died if didn't summon Gamabunta. Not doing training like that again.
Sakura: Yeah, you seem trying hard to kill yourself with your own training.
Naruto: HEY!
RealGaea Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012
These quotes are quite good, but... the ones against Goku doesn't seem as rude as I expected...
Still, this will be added to my Favs. ^^

(Yeah, typical "Saint-Seiya-is-way-better-than-Dragon-Ball" reply...)
Mangagunstudios Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012
Say is Demitri’s quote a reference to his SvC: chaos ending?
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012
Pretty much. : P
vsking123 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012
Nice stuff here, Like the switch of Ryu's famous quotes that Seiya did when he told Sean " You Must Defeat The Pegasus Ryuseiken To Stand A Chance " Alot of the quotes here have become favorites but to many to name now. And Yeah Weredragon's right with Akuma's Quotes sounding like something Arthur would say. But either than that great job! :D
RyuTheWeredragon Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012
Uhh... *Looks at something* .... I-- don't think Akuma's Win quote sounds like something Akuma'd say. <_< Sounds like it was an alternate Arthur quote.
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012
Crud, I'll have to fix that.
KingOfFiction Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012
I don't know why but looking at the saint seiya anime reminds me of those Tatsunoko anime super heroes.
KingOfFiction Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012
I don't know why but looking at the saint seiya anime reminds me of those Tatsunoko anime super heroes.
FireballDragon Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012  Student General Artist
Alright, Ace Attorney! ...Why didn't you pick Phoenix, though?
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012
Well cause we wanted to use someone different to mix things up and Phoenix already had some exposure in UMVC3.
TheSwedishElf Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012
If you make another crossover thing sometime, you should include Edgeworth for the full set. XD
FireballDragon Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012  Student General Artist
Ah, I see.
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