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(Kagura) Stage Theme: Pray

It kinda is rowdy outside of Edo, huh. That's always how it is with stuff around Jump and Cap.

You don't need to have a reason to help *partner name* out, that's what we Edo girls do! I still have so many cool things to show you!

I stand on the battlefield to protect what's important to me. If you hurt my friends, then I'll crush you!
(vs Ryu) You don't live anywhere and always wear the same clothes, huh. I'm not gonna take life advice from a bum.

(vs Chun-Li) We got in trouble again, didn't we? I think Yorozuya is gonna be sued for a lot of money.

(vs Alex) See? I can lift you up easy. Take me lightly and I just might toss you into orbit.

(vs Morrigan) Women these days just want to fight it up and make sweet love. At least that's what Gin-chan says.

(vs Falcon) Ooo, pretty. I wonder how much this will sell. I still need some money for lunch.

(vs Tessa) You supposed to be out of some kinda RPG game? We did something kinda like that once.

(vs Strider) So what you use ninja skills for when there's no evil Grandmaster to defeat? Do you just use them for peeping now?

(vs X) He's all knocked out now, huh. I can see if he can be booted up like Tama and start up a "new game".

(vs Zero) Hunting other robots just ain't paying. Any lower and you'll need a job at Yorozuya.

(vs Nero) You can't have the name "White Devil" just cause you have white hair and are a devil. It's already taken.

(vs Viewtiful Joe) Those bombs are silly looking, but not very powerful, huh. I think you need more like Zura's brand.

(vs Arthur) Not good armor at all, huh. I think that it would even break during one of those toy hammer games.

(vs Akuma) This guy looks like he needs directions to the gates of Hell. He'll get the direct route if he keeps fighting like that.

(vs Leon) Eh? You've got nothing to eat except eggs, fish, and this gross tasting grass.

(vs Guy) You know, ninja aren't supposed to wear sneakers. Then again, they're not supposed to wear glasses or half the stuff Sa-Chan wears.

(vs Vergil) What's your problem with guns, huh? You better take it more seriously since it's an umbrella.

(vs Demitri) Your hair looks like you slapped some hair gel on and then stuck your head in the tolet.

(vs Ibuki) You're really showing off your hips, huh. Still, you're not close to pushing up the ESRB rating like Sa-Chan's fetish service would.

(vs Yun) If you can't even work by the gumption to serve up a meal, then you'll always be second rate.

(vs Sean) You're a bit too wet behind the ears, huh. Go home and kill yourself if you can't take the shame.

(vs Juri) The phlegm inside my body, give me the power to spit on this bitchy girl twice as hard!

(vs Necro) Aru? My hair's standing on end now. Am I gonna have to have Sadaharu lick it down?

(vs M. Bison) "Ignorant mortals. Tremble before my power! Uwahahahaha!" Yeah that's kind of what you sound like. It's kinda stupid, huh.

(vs Gill) People just like to go around fighting naked these days, huh. Be sure to not burn that thing off.

(vs Cody) Those the kinda pajamas they wear in prison? They're kinda ugly looking, huh.

(vs Akira) Trying to try something new? The taste of defeat here is generally at the same level as high school food.

(vs Jon Talbain) Come on, doggy. Don't you want a treat, huh? I'm going to take it if you don't want it.

(vs Donovan) I think I know what kinda face that girl has. That's the face Gin-Chan makes 50% of the time with those dead fish-like eyes he got.

(vs Claire Redfield) Hey, no worries, huh. I'm not gonna die from being shot. The injury actually came from a scooter accident.

(vs Date Masamune) I was wrong. He doesn't sound a thing like Hijikata and Date doesn't ride Kondo like a horse.

(vs Bass) Oi, if you don't stop bugging me then Sadaharu's gonna bite way worse than your doggy.

(vs Captain Commando) Nope. You're not supposed to be the main hero, even though your name's kinda in the title.

(vs Apollo Justice) Objection! You holding the panties proves you a perv, thus your objection is invalid!

(vs Ingrid) If you want to be treated like an older girl then you should stop acting so young.

(vs Blodia) Next time I'll lift it up with just one pinky. I'm the one that you dodn't wanna mess with, huh.

(vs Cammy) H-how did you get your figure like that?! It's so slim, but at the same time the top is so huge!

(vs Blanka) You would have made a great pet, but Sadaharu would get jealous and you would end up being the 28th pet that's died on me.

(vs Bilstien) You're a creeper. Do you always like to poke and prod with girls like that?

(vs Q-Bee) That's what you get for hogging all the food and trying to eat people isn't so good either.

(vs Regina) Thought those dinos would make good pets, but they die way too easily around me.

(vs Goku) I hear Gin-chan making that same Kamehame sound when he thinks no one else is looking. Its cooler when you do it, huh.

(vs Vegeta) Even though a prince he's kind of an idiot. There a big difference between Yato and Saiyajin.

(vs Naruto) Aww, why didn't we get to keep our timeskip look? Someone should petition to bring back Gintama Shippuden!

(vs Sakura) A strong woman would forget about past relationships and prepare herself for a new love, but you're not very strong, huh.

(vs Luffy) Oh I remember now. You're the pirates who are supposed to be searching for the One Park, huh.

(vs Zoro) So is your goal to be the "samurai king" or something like that? I don't think Gin-Chan really has any long term objectives, huh.

(vs Ichigo) Gin-Chan also likes to talk to the spirit of his sword sometimes. Think he'll be ever able to do that same move you do?

(vs Yusuke) Quit pointing at me. Do that again and I may just need to break your finger off.

(vs Jotaro) Your "star silver" or whatever it's called is pretty weak, huh. It's very "useless useless useless" as the other guy is always saying.

(vs Kenshiro) I am shock! Those moves are very gory! Did this suddenly become a more violent series?

(vs Yugi) You've got a whole lot of pets, huh. Be careful or Sadaharu might just eat all of them.

(vs Bobobo) People who tell unfunny jokes usually get bombed by torpedoes. Those were funny, but you got bombed by something else.

(vs Allen) That's a mighty big arm, but if we were to arm wrestle I would still pretty much own you.

(vs Piccolo) People are always looking around to steal the Dragon Balls? Those must be some pretty sore dragons.

(vs Kinnikuman) Huh? So you're some kind of Amanto wearing a mask? I thought looking like a pig was just natural for you.

(vs Sasuke) You should hate me more, curse me, and detest me! Then you should take the power of that hatred to steal your food back from me!

(vs Robin) Does your ability also make you grow your boobs bigger? I wish I had some Devil Fruit like that…

(vs Freiza) You have to be the nastiest Amanto that I've met so far and you also happen to be the weakest.

(vs Cell) He's like a big space cockroach, huh. I think those usually squish pretty easy.

(vs Trunks) So you not stupid nuff to use whatever sword we loan ya, huh. Yours still breaks pretty easy.

(vs Gaara) You already got two black eyes from some other fight and lready want to get in another? Pretty stupid, huh.

(vs Orochimaru) Huh?! I remember that voice! You're the one who lives inside Otose aren't you?!

(vs Nami) So when am I going to get a pair that big, huh? Will I have to eat nothing but tangerines to grow them out?

(vs Akainu) A volcano really reminds me of someone taking a poop and your face looks like crap compared to everyone else's in the series.

(vs Rukia) This is what all that Bleach stuff is supposed to be about? Don't know why Gin-chan would be so excited.

(vs Polnareff) Why are you looking at me like that, huh? Are you one of those "feminists" I keep hearing about?

(vs Dio) It's like whenever Takasugi shows up. The manga suddenly take a serious dark turn against the unfunny bad guy.

(vs Raoh) He's very scary looking, huh. This must be how Sacchan sees people without glasses.

(vs Kenshin) Did you pop in from some low-tech version of Edo? Stuff like flying scooters and giant dogs shouldn't weird you out that much.

(vs Gon) Hunters are more vulnerable when they are about to capture their prey. That's why I win and you're still hungry.

(vs Light) Oi, all that time you were thinking of your "how I win" strategy I already beat you. Too slow, huh.

(vs Seiya)Your Cosmos ain't very strong, huh. If I hit you again you'll be seeing the star up close.

(vs Mazinger) It's just like a big action figure, huh. That's gotta be it since it breaks just as easy.

(vs Android 18) They let you in? Well I can be happy that they didn't include Namcha, huh. Nobody likes him.

(vs Sanji) Oy, if you've got time to say "mellorine" then you've got some time to cook the actual food. I'm kinda hungry.

(vs Self) They're…thay're even smaller! It's even worse when I see my chest from this angle!

(vs Yoh) Don't channel Shinpachi if he ever dies. All you'll get are glasses and the ability to sing Otsu-chan's songs super bad.

(vs Aizen) Complete hypnosis, huh? I think I remember hypnosis being about putting people to sleep. That must be it, because you're making me yawn.

(vs Train) I can probably imagine why this kitty-man quit being an assassin, huh. They probably escalated his work and asked him to take a person's balls.

(vs Tsuna) Oi, Sena. Maybe you should have tried the Devil Bat Run instead. Whoops…wrong manga series.

Quotes from Others:

(Ryu) I'm sorry. I didn't know that you didn't wish to fight, but to be honest you were giving me mixed messages.

(Chun-Li) When they call you an "ultra hot China girl", it means that you really need to work on your temper, although I'm one to talk.

(Alex) Won't eve ask to arm wrestle with you again. For such a little girl you've got a killer grip!

(Morrigan) A bit jealous? Perhaps even a little impressed? You'll have to work at it if you want to ever grow them out this big.

(Falcon) Can't I ever meet a young girl that doesn't have some wild side to let out? Just where did she get an umbrella like that?

(Tessa) Maybe I prodded a bit too much for information. You're really quite the beast when angry.

(Strider) You do not have the eyes of an assassin and yet I see a terrifying potential within you.

(X) You claim that you dislike violence, but here you are relying on it at a moment's notice.

(Zero) I expected to be meeting up with a "White Demon" here, but instead I ended up fighting a "Red Imp".

(Nero) I must be getting rusty if a girl can throw down with me like this. Does she have some demon in her too?

(Viewtiful Joe) You know, between you and Sylvia, women are really starting to scare the crap out of me.

(Arthur) I was under the impression I would find a princess, but I am not certain what to call a lady such as thee.

(Akuma) Give in to your savage nature or else you will be another lamb awaiting slaughter!

(Leon) I didn't expect you to be packing a weapon, let alone one disguised like that.

(Guy) Hrm, this reminds me of when I used to spar with Maki. She was always particularly brutal once provoked.

(Vergil) If you still want to beat me then you must unleash all of the anger your clan gets its reputation from.

(Demitri) Such a vulgar girl. It's obvious by now that you need a lesson in respecting your betters.

(Blodia) What?! That girl actually put a dent in Blodia?! She's got to be far beyond a human!

(Goku) Oh, I get it now! She's suppsed be similar to a Saiyajin! It makes me wonder if she has a tail.

(Vegeta) Such a pitiful warrior race! She could never hope to stand up to an elite class of Sayajin!

(Naruto) With girls like you and Sakura, there are times where you come off more as gorillas than girls. Please don't tell her I said that. In fact, just forget I said it at all.

(Sakura) Okay, if I'm ever going to get a guy then I only have one rule to follow. "And that's to make sure I don't act like this girl! Shaaa!~" Yeah, that might not be as easy as I thought.

(Luffy) It's been a while since I've had to really fight for my food. You must have been pretty hungry.

(Zoro) Who the hell did you say I reminded you of again? I may have had a cursed sword at one point, but I ain't with no Shinsengumi.

(Ichigo) No, I'm not going to teach your friend how to use Getsuga Tenshou! Is he even a Soul Reaper?!

(Yusuke) I'm really starting to doubt she's a girl after that round. I'm not going to stick around to find out.

(Jotaro) What a pain. Looks always seem to be deceiving whenever I'm against a new opponent.

(Kenshiro) Your injuries have already healed. I should have guessed there was a great power behind that innocent face.

(Yugi) Um, you're mistaken this isn't gambling. By the sound of it, your silver haired friend spends his money far too often in the wrong games.

(Bobobo) This is so violent! Did things just suddenly turn towards an entirely different gag manga?!

(Allen) Is she supposed to be from China? I hope that our branch of the Order that way doesn't have too many problems like this.

(Piccolo) Just how many warrior races are out there? I'm surprised the Yato didn't get Freiza's attention like the Saiyajin did.

(Kinnikuman) Quit stealing my meal right in the middle on my Gyudon song! What's wrong with you?!

(Sasuke) You're especially annoying. I don't have any time to deal with girls such as this.

(Robin) My my, you're very contradictory. You're violent one moment and innocent the next.

(Mazinger) Even someone this strong needs to be careful! Mazinger is just flat out invincible!

Credit for game concept goes to Guyverman
This took me a while since I was trying to get a feel for Kagura's personality and the humor of Gintama. You're probably thinking "why her and not Gintoki"? Well I can think of a few crossovers that have used supporting characters instead of the main one, so why not. I can imagine Sadaharu as an assist during a super or maybe one where she goes berserk showing her Yato side.

Speaking of animalistic tendencies, I'll be doing Blanka next time.
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Otaku-Artisan Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2015
You should make a set of win quotes for Gintoki.
godjacob Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2015
"A strong woman would forget about past relationships and prepare herself for a new love, but you're not very strong"

This sentence perfectly explains why I dislike Sakura. Thanks Kagura :)
GodDragonKing Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013
"Women these days just want to fight it up and make sweet love."
That's Morrigan in a nutshell.
"Objection! You holding the panties proves you a perv, thus your objection is invalid!"
Can't fault that logic.;) (Wink)
Zindakku Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
Can you do one for Majin Buu?
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
We were thinking of him, but he was sadly scrapped from the roster in favor of Trunks.
Zindakku Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
Can you make into a secret boss or something?
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
We got an OC boss in mind for this one.
pasosDshinigami Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
Next I demand Asura from Asura's Wrath, a new Capcom game that mixes gameplay with an epic anime story a la Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
No plans for new additions at this time, but Asura's one to keep in mind for sure.
pasosDshinigami Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
Do add him, please, that guy is one of Capcom's best characters and his game is relatively new.
ryu238 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
Bobobobobo: Hey I'm supposed to be the meta guy here girly! Scram!
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
Yeah. You, Joe, and maybe Cap
WegraMan Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I think I also heard somewhere Blanka is the Creator of Street fighter's favorite character. Strange how he didn't appear in more spinoffs
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
Hmm, interesting. o.o Well he's getting a tad more attention lately in the SNK and Tekken x-overs at least.
WegraMan Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Well then again Death Battle isn't a canon source. But it's probably one of the most accurate

Speaking of you ever see any of them?
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012
Seen quite a bit of them. My fave is the Starscream/Rainbow Dash one due to how in-character they got the two.
WegraMan Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Mine Personally was Eggman vs Wily

I think I might've suggested that actually 0-0
WegraMan Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Again another Street Fighter who would be cool for a VS. game. Closest we'll ever get is Vs. SNK and SF X T.

Wonder if it'll take a while to get his personality down. Death Battle (Pikachu vs Blanka) said he's pretty laid back but easily angered if you piss him off if that helps. Think of it like a toned down Hulk.
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
Think I've got a good idea on Blanka based on his most recent appearances.
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