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(Aizen) Stage Theme: Nube Negra

Theirs is an unbearable vacancy on the throne of Heaven, yet very soon it is I who will rest upon it.

As a new enemy is dispatched, more shall be upon us soon. But first, let's stop for a moment to have some tea.

*partner name*, as long as you walk by my side as a comrade, there shall be no enemy that can stand before us.
(vs Ryu) You have failed in your evolution as a fighter. I can only grant you death at the end of your journey.

(vs Chun-Li) Is your resolve for justice so strong that you will not take the chance to flee? Very well. If you must die, then so be it.

(vs Alex) Such a silly man. Did you really believe that it was my own form you were grasping just now?

(vs Morrigan) Seek not beauty in battle. Seek not beauty in death. Consider not your own life as it will soon fade.

(vs Falcon) If that stone is so powerless before the Hogyoku, then it is surely of no value to me.

(vs Tessa) Are you so content on letting your intellect sit idle in regards to your situation against me? That is the logic of a born loser.

(vs Strider) You missed your chance to kill be a long time ago. You've been in my sway since the beginning.

(vs X) Do you really have what it takes to stop me? All you are is a tool meant to be used by human beings.

(vs Zero) I showed you the fool extent of my power since you proved your worth and ability, but trash is still trash either way.

(vs Nero) You are very much like another boy that's caught my attention, but can you defeat me when you still currently fear your own power?

(vs Viewtiful Joe) You seemed to believe you had the skills needed to thwart my schemes. Foolishness. Your meager desire for an ending in your favor shall gain you nothing.

(vs Arthur) He rotted away into bones so easily. Perhaps the former king of Hueco Mundo is not that far off from here.

(vs Akuma) A soul lost to battle has no purpose. It does nothing more than meaninglessly hunt down souls to prey on. You are not that different from a Hollow.

(vs Leon) Still human after all. You are not yet aware that the only thing that can beat power is more power still.

(vs Guy) You have devoted your resolve into defeating me, but you don't seem to understand. No matter how many times and how quickly you strike, you'll still never be able to defeat me.

(vs Vergil) Are you so confident in your own demonic blood? I will teach you a valuable lesson in that there is always someone better.

(vs Demitri) I have claimed the throne of Hueco Mundo already. Who is to say that the throne of the Makai is not that far behind?

(vs Ibuki) I think it is time that you understood what you are up against, little girl. Do you now see how overwhelming my very presence is to you?

(vs Yun) Silly boy, did you think that any single one of those attacks ever touched me all this time?

(vs Sean) It is difficult for me to step on such a small ant without crushing it outright. You truly are that much insignificant.

(vs Juri) Playing with your opponents can sometimes be constructive, but this time it has led to your downfall.

(vs Necro) I have no need for experimental refuge. Disintegrate along with all the rest.

(vs M. Bison) The betrayals you can see in front of you are trivial. What is truly fearsome, are the betrayal that you don't see from your own underlings as we speak.

(vs Gill) Since the beginning, no one has ever stood in the heavens. Neither you, nor I, nor even the gods themselves. That shall soon change.

(vs Cody) You come seeking battle, but you are naïve to whom you stand against. Allow me to offer a demonstration.

(vs Akira) Trusting in friends is the same as depending on them. That is something the weak do. I have no use for these concepts.

(vs Jon Talbain) You have now become nothing more than a wolf. It does nothing more than meaninglessly hunt down souls to prey on. What is so cruel about granting yourself meaning to such an existence?

(vs Donovan) If you wish to protect that which must be protected, then strike while your opponent's back is turned. However, you have long missed your opportunity.

(vs Claire Redfield) Is it that you're afraid of letting even a part of me out of your field of vision by getting close? You have every right to be afraid and that overwhelming fear will keep you from pulling the trigger.

(vs Date Masamune) Were you expecting to be obliterated here along with your army? If you are an obstacle, then I will remove you.

(vs Bass) Allow me to show you the depths of your arrogance. Does the toy now see the difference between us?

(vs Captain Commando) When one is mighty as I, the clarifications of good and evil no longer matter.

(vs Apollo Justice) What possible conclusion do you think this "investigation" of yours can lead to? All the things you perceive are but false images.

(vs Ingrid) I can barely consider your power to be of the sun, for looking upon my power is as the gaze into the sun itself.

(vs Blodia) You thought you could destroy me by striking with a larger power? I'll proceed to educate you on what power truly is.

(vs Cammy) A girl like you should smile more often even when in the face of death. Overcast skies blot out the sun and that always brings people's spirits down.

(vs Blanka) Animals cannot live without blind obedience and to scape the pressure of that trust, those in whom faith is placed in turn look for someone higher before them.

(vs Bilstien) Many seem unsightly in the process of their evolution, but I am sad to say that death will leave you a shell of your former self.

(vs Q-Bee) You seek to use me as sustenance, I see. Well know this. I shall devour all once the battle is over.

(vs Regina) Take your next shot. The more you fight against me, the more you see that your amount of weapons are slipping away from your grasp.

(vs Goku) My strength now far exceeds what others knew of me. Not even your strongest attack will obliterate me.

(vs Vegeta) Don't enforce yourself with such strong words, my young prince. It only makes your weakness that much more apparent.

(vs Naruto) That creature within you has an intriguing power. Could a Jinchuriki be a step ahead of Hollowfication? I wonder.

(vs Sakura) Every moment that Sasuke comes into your mind reveals yet another weak point. Admiration is the emotion furthest from comprehending reality.

(vs Luffy) You have a strange mindset. Do you actually believe you can actualize a lofty goal just by imagining it?

(vs Zoro) With the measure of power that you possess you are unlikely even to lose consciousness from those wounds. Stay there as you are, helpless and defeated.

(vs Ichigo) You have my pity, Ichigo Kurosaki. There is no such thing as 'truth' or 'lies' in this world; there never has been. There is only fact and the fact is that you have now met your end.

(vs Yusuke) You have conquered death and yet you so easily fall into my hands. Not unlike a certain substitute Soul Reaper.

(vs Jotaro) There is a fair chance your ability could overpower even me. However, if one abandons all other abilities and focuses his strength entirely on a single specialized skill, then he can overcome even the greatest power.

(vs Kenshiro) If you truly are the successor to that fighting style, then you have disappointed me greatly.

(vs Yugi) It was an enjoyable game at first, but it became tedious when I realized you had no chance.

(vs Bobobo) Am I supposed to be viewing some idea of a joke? If you fought seriously, then your chances of living would have been much higher.

(vs Allen) You are mistaken. I am not what you know as Akuma. In fact, I may be much more.

(vs Piccolo) I must have not been thorough in how I defeated you. Next time I'll cut you to pieces.

(vs Kinnikuman) Has my power left you in fear and shown you as the coward you really are? Soon there will be no need for you to fear any further.

(vs Sasuke) The powers of the Sharingan have abilities not unlike Kyoka Suigetsu, but you were trapped in an illusion far before me.

(vs Robin) Careful. If you come too close to that which is stronger, then you may just be bringing yourself closer to your end.

(vs Freiza) Are you truly the strongest in the universe? To me your power is so insignificant that I feel no pressure from you.

(vs Cell) Fear is necessary for evolution. The fear that one could be destroyed at any moment. Does the perfect being now have fear of me instilled in its heart?

(vs Trunks) Although you do not come close to equaling me in strength, the fact that you still exist at this point in time intrigues me.

(vs Gaara) Does the inner beast still remain within you or is it long departed? Let's find out.

(vs Orochimaru) I too wish to see the world constantly in motion and will hasten the conflict as needed, yet I will watch above from somewhere beyond your sight.

(vs Nami) Do you think that I would not be aware of other illusions used against me? I've been aware of your tactics from the very start.

(vs Akainu) Sometimes order is not that far away from madness, but even madness can be a necessity.

(vs Rukia) Now where was I when we last met, Miss Kuchiki? Ah yes. I was poised to do away with you. Shall we resume from there?

(vs Polnareff) So the chariot seeks to challenge death? Regardless of what hidden power you have revealed, I shall show your futility in facing me.

(vs Dio) You seek to transcend all of humanity, but now is the time you die by the one who is truly transcendent.

(vs Raoh) Do you believe now that there is someone above you? I will take my time and show you who is meant to touch the heavens above.

(vs Kenshin) You will never understand my intentions, Battousai, nor do I feel inclined to explain them to someone with such weak spirit.

(vs Gon) By the end of this battle you will no longer be able to endure within this cruel world. You will know despair that is beyond despair.

(vs Light) It is quite ironic. The way you are poised to attack in the Kira persona makes you seem all the more like a Shinigami. Shall I demonstrate the difference between us?

(vs Seiya) The techniques of a Saint could be seen as the hopes they carry on for their mistress. I shall effortlessly crush every single one of those hopes.

(vs Mazinger) I am impressed by my newfound strength being able to destroy you so easily. I am less impressed with how little an effort that hulking monstrosity made against me.

(vs Android 18) I can detect nothing from you, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you have transcended humanity.

(vs Sanji) You claim that I am not worthy of calling myself a man. Chivalry is a petty concept that serves no other purpose but to limit one's potential.

(vs Kagura) Is that it? I was hoping to see some of your true anger. Will your comrades suffer until you are able to?

(vs Yoh) Your Spiritual Pressure is nothing as you are now and it would remain nothing even if you were to become Shaman King. That is the scale of power in which you face.

(vs Self) This is a fascinating facsimile if I must say, but I am already aware that I could never fall to the effect of my own Zanpakuto.

(vs Train) Why are you putting so much distance between us? If you want to make sure it hits me, then you should get close and fire.

(vs Tsuna) Now that the will of your flames has left you, your body has become completely worthless.

Quotes from Others:

(Ryu) Don't go thinking our motivations are the same. I never sought to be the best and have my own reasons for fighting.

(Chun-Li) I wasn't planning on taking the situation to my own hands and I doubt I could anyway. Life imprisonment seems to be the only option at this point.

(Alex) For crying out loud! I'm really getting sick of these high and mighty nutjobs thinking they're some kind of god! Wasn't one enough?!

(Morrigan) Ooo~, I am absolutely loving that voice, Captain Aizen, but I much prefer you without that Hogyoku. Let's find something else we can put in your body.

(Falcon) Seems you also got a pinch of extra power, but if you're going to keep on like this then I'm going to test my Power Stone's might against your trinket.

(Tessa) I'm going to go ahead and say it. Kisuke Urahara makes a far better research subject and you're devolved into a walking train wreck. What do you have to say to that?

(Strider) The illusions fade once evil has been vanquished. Have I truly achieved victory?

(X) Don't you give a care on what you're doing?! I won't let the humans be destroyed just for the sake of your mad ambition!

(Zero) What you're going through can hardly be called evolution. Babble all you want, but we're not going to let you get away with this!

(Nero) You look as if you've just been playing me along for some time now. From first impressions alone, I can tell you're the kind of guy who pisses me off.

(Viewtiful Joe) As long as the crowd keeps cheering, I'll keep on standing up! Always a plot twist before the happy ending!

(Arthur) This trap is an illusion devised by the devil himself! We must progress through dauntlessly!

(Akuma) Are you so drowned in your narcissism that you do not see your opponent? There is always a stronger warrior and I am your superior!

(Leon) I should feel frozen stiff when fighting a god of death, but to be honest, your attitude is not all that different from these others guys I know.

(Guy) If the afterlife will not grant you penance, then allow me to personally see you to the gates of Hell.

(Vergil) You pride yourself too much on powers that only show your cowardice. By now you realize that I am the stronger one.

(Demitri) Are you done speaking? Good. You were beginning to annoy me as much as Dohma once did.

(Blodia) There's no such thing as an unbeatable enemy! I'll prove it myself by striking through with Blodia's fist!

(Goku) I see that there's no hope for you and that I'll have to beat you. Maybe someday you'll be reincarnated as a better person among the living.

(Vegeta) I despise anyone who toys with me as if I'm a weakling! I will show you that I will always be the strongest there is!

(Naruto) You think you're so special with that body and your crazy Genjutsu. Well you won't be so special once I'm through with you!

(Sakura) Is this some kind of Genjutsu? I didn't think I would be able to overcome one as strong as this.

(Luffy) I got stronger in order to beat guys like you and so I could protect my crewmates no matter what!

(Zoro) Before you got that thing in your chest I can assume your power came from a sword, but before that I can assume you weren't much of a swordsman not if you never even bothered to perfect your skill with sword.

(Ichigo) Powers that transcend both Hollows and Soul Reapers? Could have fooled me. This is where the end finally comes, Aizen!

(Yusuke) It took a while, but it was all worth it to punch that smug smirk off of your face. You have the kind of look that just comes off as someone who needs a beating.

(Jotaro) You want to know why you lost despite all that planning? I shouldn't have to say, but it's because you put me in a really bad mood.

(Kenshiro) The fact is that I was planning this fight one step ahead as well. You're confident now, but the fact is you are already dead.

(Yugi) A duel against you is very much like a Shadow Game with the highest of stakes. Somehow, I was able to come out as the victor.

(Bobobo) Growing out your hair is good and gives you more power, but it would also give me the urge to punch your lights out!

(Allen) So you're not human. I can say that's even more obvious after what you've turned yourself into.

(Piccolo) I've had enough of your cheap tricks. If you're not even going to fight me seriously, then I might as well finish this.

(Kinnikuman) It feels so heavy around you, but I've got these muscles for a reason and it's gonna be hard to turn tail and run anyway! I'll take you on here and now, you freak!

(Sasuke) You're using Itachi's abilities aren't you? You'll pay for using that jutsu for the sake of toying with me!

(Robin) You weren't able to see me touch the sword beforehand. Having an ability like mine is pretty handy. Wouldn't you say so, "captain"?

(Mazinger) Give me all you got! If you send any more Hollows to slow me down, then Mazinger will charge straight through to reach you!

Credit for game concept goes to Guyverman
Everyone pretty much knows Aizen's the big villain of Bleach by now. Thought it would be hard to get that overly smug personality of his down, but I got into it as I went along. I can imagine him having a lot of counter moves and saving his later forms as either supers or alternate skins.

Next up will be Q-Bee from the Darkstalkers series.
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GodDragonKing Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013
"Before you got that thing in your chest I can assume your power came from a sword, but before that I can assume you weren't much of a swordsman not if you never even bothered to perfect your skill with sword."
Probably, all the times he fights he either relies on illusions or brute strength.
StreamOverlord Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013
Darn, I'm Stuck Between Hating Or Loving Aizen, I Truly Am Stuck...

Zeus007 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013
As a new enemy is dispatched, more shall be upon us soon. But first, let's stop for a moment to have some tea.
best quote ever
Erick-Genryusai Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
Interested Qoutes you made for Aizen.

So...Q-Bee from Darkstalkers is next huh?

I can bet the Quoutes from this fighters could be...

(Naruto) - Holly geez, do you have some new and strange Ke Ke Genkai that allows you to change into a half bee or something.

(Sakura) I've see many Bug summoners Ninjas, but never one who could look like one. (CHA, she's weird)

(Hinata) Now that is over, how would like you like to meet my friend Shino. He loves Bugs, so - (blush) - you two coud make a perfect couple.

(Gara) I fought many Bug Users Ninjas, and if you continue to fight me, i shall clip your wings and leave you to die.

(Orochimaru) You must be a rare breed of Keke Genkai. I will dissect you to obtain your secrets."

(Kenshiro) All life is precious. Even beings like you deserve it. If you want to live, continue on your path."

(Yugi) - You look like you just came out to life from Weevil Deck. Weevil would be proud to have you as his Duel Spirit.

(Yusuke) Oh man. Talk about people bugging me, but you take it real. No matter, mess with me and ill squash you like the bug that you look .

(Luffy) SUGOI. Hey, Did you eat a Zoan Fruit? I'v seen people change into a wolf, shark and all. But this is the first time ive seen a girl bug.

(Zoro) - Man, like if i havent meet Zoan users before, but a bug??? This not my day.

(Sanji) MELLOINE. My lovely Queen Bee, how's about you and me get together and make our own Colonie?

(Raoh) A big such as yourself want to take me on. I crush entire armys with just my hands, bring your entire colonie, and ill squash them all"

(Zero) You remain me so much of one of the strong Reploids we fought"

(Dante) So, a Bee-girl im fighting agaisnt huh? Spiderwomans, Harpies whatever, i took them on, and i'll have no problem taking you out.

(Vergil) Pestic insect. Begone before i clip your wings and crush you.

(Ibuki) WOW OH WOW. Did you use a Ninja Tecnique to merge with your pet? If so, can you show it to me. Wonder how ill look me merging with my pet Tanuki?

Hope you dont stop.

Hey...have you thought about using this Character from Shonen Jum...


That crazy but cute robot girl would be make the fighting game more interesting.
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
I did consider Arale and kept recommending her, but we just couldn't squeeze her into the roster. x.x

Also thanks for the quote ideas. I'll try to use a few variations on those. Although, Gaara's seems a bit OOC since I'm using his Shippuden version.
pasosDshinigami Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012
You made him a douche... Perfect! You kept him in character! Now, would you consider at least putting in Asura? I'll be fine with your decision, I promise.
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012
Thanks. I'm afraid there's no plans to add Asura at this time, but I'll definitly consider him if I ever do any more.
pasosDshinigami Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012
Good enough for me.
GeekGemCorduroy Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
At first I'd thought the name of the character from far away was Alien as in an Alien from the Alien franschie. XD The ones from AVP really. XD
ThunderBlaze78 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Maybe you should do a "character select" picture, so the ones that don't know all of the characters can visualize them better. And it would be pretty awesome to see them all together.
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012
Well I've got none of my own, but I know some peeps that have made some along those lines, such as on VsKing's page.
ThunderBlaze78 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Got any links?
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012
Just check out his DA page and loo him up in the search bar.
ThunderBlaze78 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Hmm...maybe I'll attempt to do something of my own. Just asking, the order the characters are placed tell their rivalries? (I mean, first C character is rival with first SJ character, second with second, third with third, etcetera?)
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012
Well we've got no specific rivalries, but when the project first started we had some such as Goku/Ryu, Ichigo/Nero, Sakura/Chun-Li and Zoro/Zero; but we've since added new characters and I can imagine there being more than one rivalry such as having Date Masamune against both Kenshin and Zoro amongst others.
ThunderBlaze78 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Okay, thanks!
GodDragonKing Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012
"Is it that you're afraid of letting even a part of me out of your field of vision by getting close? You have every right to be afraid and that overwhelming fear will keep you from pulling the trigger."
That's actually pretty chilling considering before his defeat he could literally kill people just by standing near them.
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012
Yeah it is now that I think about it.
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