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Vector + Espio + Charmy: Team Chaotix

Charmy suddenly flies in and bumps off of Vector throwing him off balance. As Espio slides in from the other side, Vector falls back on his butt.

<Charmy> “It’s here! It’s here! We have work!”

<Vector> “Huh?! What’s wrong with you?!”

<Espio> “Seems we have a new job, but I’m a bit apprehensive about this.”

Espio forms a ninja hand-seal, Charmy flies thee while pointing two fingers out, and Vector takes things in stride as he wags his tail and rubs the back of his head

<Vector> “Well you know our policy. We never turn down work that pays!”

<Charmy> “Yeah! Let’s go! You know our policy!”

<Espio> “Roger that.”


Vector+ Mighty + Ray: Chaotix Return

Vector brings Mighty and Ray both in close with an arm around both as he motions forward. The three then break and look forward in battle poses.

<Vector> “Glad to have you back! Think you can keep up with the way we do things now!”

<Ray> O-of course! A good detective uses everything to their advantage. R-right?”

<Mighty> “Not much for detective work myself, but I can always get the job done.”


Vector + Julie-Su: Not So Friendly Island Mates

The two looks back over their shoulders glaring at one another

<Julie-Su> “What’s your problem?! The Legion stopped being my comrades a long time ago!”

<Vector> “Still notice a bit of that tech hanging on your head.”

The two then look like they’re gonna punch towards each other, but instead do a friendly shoulder pound just before facing forward. Julie-Su points one gun forward with an opposite fist raised while Vector has his mouth open and fists raised.

<Julie-Su> “Let’s not make a habit out of helping each other too much.”

<Vector> “No way! We don’t want folks thinking we like each other.”


Vector + Barby: Downunda – The Return

Barby and Vector exchange an uneasy handshake before turning their backs to one another

<Barby> “Got some nerve showing your mug back here, croc.”

<Vector> “Wasn’t my choice really, but let’s put all that stud behind us for now.”


Espio + Lightning Lynx: Alliance of Two Houses

Espio is seen running along, then gets a glint in his eye before tossing a kunai out. Lynx leaps in and catches it between his fingers before tossing a scroll to Espio.

<Lighting> “Can’t deny your obligation to the clans. We’ve got work to do.”

Espio pauses for a moment before closing his eyes and nodding.

<Espio> “Understood.”

They then both face forward, looking like they’ll take off running at a moment’s notice.

<Espio> “I’ll fulfill my duties.”


Espio + Mighty: Combi Contained Rivalry Renewal

Espio looks over to Mighty, who points back to him in retailiation.

<Espio> “You know…you’re not nearly as hot-headed as I remember.”

<Mighty> “What’s that supposed to mean?!”

Mighty then stops himself and takes a deep breath as he calms down. Espio just smirks to him while Mighty smiles right back. They both then raise their fists to the side and look to each other much like their Fleetway versions.

<Mighty> “Want to see who gets the last hit in these guys for old time’s sake?”

<Espio> “Thought you would never ask.”


Espio + Silver: Crusaders for the Future

Silver hovers to the ground and looks to the side started as Espio does a spinning upside-down horizontal flip just over him before landing.

<Silver> “Hey, chameleon! Just what are you looking for?”

<Espio> “Well I can’t say I’m a mere citizen. Don’t seem like a bad guy.”

Silver then extends his arms out diagonally in opposite directions while Espio relaxes his stance.

<Espio> “There’s one way to see where we each stand. This fight…”

<Silver> “Yeah. This fight…”

<Both> “…Will be the judge!”

Espio then points out in a pose as a shout-out to Jotaro Kujo, while Silver hovers behind with a fist raised mimicking Star Platinum.


Espio + Naruto: My Ninja Way!

In a poof of smoke, Naruto makes an entrance, balancing on one foot with a knee bent while having a kunai and his other bent arm. He then stomps one leg down in an arch before raising a hand outward with the hand holding his kunai just behind him.

<Naruto> “Alright! Time for Naruto Uzumaki to make his entrance! Ah!”

Naruto is suddenly tripped over and Espio appears in front of him with arms folded while coming out of his camouflage.

<Espio> “Shinobi are usually not so flashy.”

Naruto pulls himself up, shouting with white eyes and fists raised as seen in his series more humorous moments.

<Naruto> “Okay! I get it already!”

Espio then extends one arm out while looking to him.

<Espio> “No, you don’t get it. Which is why I’m telling you now. Get it?”


Charmy + Mighty + Espio: The Perky Mediator

Charmy flies by both Espio and Mighty, tapping them as he does a fly-by.

<Charmy> “Ha-ha!~ Tag! You’re both it!”

<Espio> “What?!”

<Mighty> “Aw nuts…”

Espio and Mighty then look to each other intensely.

<Mighty> “So how’s this gonna go? We gonna tag him all at once?”

<Espio> “I was intending to go it alone this time.”

<Mighty> “What? Think you’ll get ahead of me?”

Charmy flies down and tries to hold back the two.

<Charmy> “Fellas. Fellas! You’re supposed to chase after me, not each other.”

They both then back off.
<Mighty> “Okay then.”

<Espio> “By the way…”

They both poke Charmy at once.

<Both> “You’re it.”

<Charmy> “What? Aw man.~


Charmy + Ray: Junior Chaotix

Charmy and Ray fly in from above with hands raised out, having Saffron along with them. The camera goes into a spiral as they fly downwards.

<Charmy> “Charmy and friends to the rescue! Weee!~”

The camera then swings upward as the three maneuver perfectly with a sudden turn and come to ground level. Ray is the only one landing and has his fists raised up, while Charmy hovers and kicks a foot out.


Mighty + Matilda: Hard Shelled Siblings

Mighty is surrounded by various Sand Blaster grunts. Matilda suddenly runs in from the side, sending them flying with one swing. She then looks to Mighty as a smile slowly forms.

<Matilda> “Always there. Never alone, right?”

Mighty pulls himself up and pats Matilda on the back as they each raise up opposite fists.

<Mighty> “Right, Tilly. Let’s show them how hard we can hit once together.”


Mighty + Ray: Together forever, Playing Their Games

Mighty massages one fist in the other, before raising two clenched fists out. Ray stands right just behind him, balancing on his tail.

<Mighty> “It’s been a while, but not that we’re back together…I would say we need to show what we can do.”

<Ray> “S-sure thing! Let’s do this, Mighty!”

Ray hops forwards and Mighty gives him a slight pat on the back before the two look forward.


Mighty + Heavy: Chaotix Power Lifters

Mighty holds on to a ring tether and grunts as he swings something forward. Heavy comes down from above with Bomb riding on his head. Mighty takes a deep breath and goes upright with a smile.

<Mighty> “See? You’re not as “heavy” as you make yourself out to be.”

Mighty walks forward and Heavy follows his movements.

<Heavy> “Shall I try at tossing you next?”

Mighty stops and looks to him, raising a hand.

<Mighty> “Hold up. Let’s not get too carried away.”


Heavy + Geoffrey: On His Majesty’s Secret Service

Geoffrey would be up front and looking through a pair of binoculars as he signals a group behind him.

<Geoffrey> “On my mark…get ready to make a move out, mates.”

Geoffrey then folds out his crossbow glove and arms it. Heavy and Bomb stand next to him, while Hershey, Stu, and Valdez are in the rear. All then charge forwards all at once similar to a backup story in issue #63

<Geoffrey> “Now! Let’s go! Go! Go!”

<Heavy> “Yes. All systems are go.”


Nack + Bean + Bark: Dirty Work for Dirt Cheap

Several gunshots and explosions tear up the ground just before Nack hovers down holding a smoking gun while riding in the Marvelous Queen. Bean is leaning back on a sidecar, spinning a bomb on his finger, and Bark’s just barely fitting in his own side car.

<Nack> “Howdy! Nice night for some larceny, don’t you think? Might just let you leave in one piece if things go our way.”


Nack + Metal Sonic Kai: Total Traitor Chaotix Caper

Nack looks behind himself as Metal Sonic Kai raises up while on a throne.

<Nack> “What did I tell ya? Led them right into the lion’s den.”

The Metallix come in closer.

“See that you are still of use to us. We may very well choose to terminate you.”

Nack sweats at first, but then arms a gun.

<Nack> “If you metal-headed creeps try anything, then we’ll see just who destroys whom!”


Nack + Kodos + Drago: The Gulag’s Devils

Kodos steps forward dragged in a trench coat and fedora.

<Kodos> “I’ll show you I can give as good as I can get. Now your enemies…”

Kodos tosses off his coat, prompting Dragon to stand sliding over from the left while Nack leaps to the right with legs bent and arms extended before landing.

<Kodos> “…Stand revealed!”

Upon that Uma Archnis swings in from above landing on Kodos shoulder to the left while Sleuth Doggy Dog slides in over to stand over near Nack


Nack + Janga: Poison Fangs

Nack is seen walking forward and suddenly comes to a stop as Janga rises up behind him Janga’s face is obscured by his scarf slightly at first, but he has one yellow eye leering out and a claw raised. Nack suddenly spins around and points a gun while Janga does the same, revealing his features.

<Janga> “Eee-hee-hee-hee~ Just look at you, weasel. I heard there was some work for me.”

They came closer and glare at one another while raising both their signature weapons up.

<Nack> “Don’t know who a creepy fella like you is, but I expect whatever we earn to be split.”

<Janga> “Just as long as I get to slicing something up. I ain’t one to stay sneaking around for long.”


Nack + Axel: Escalating Hate

The two have their backs turned to each other, doing a double take before suddenly turning around and gritting their teeth as they press their foreheads into each other.

<Axel> “WHAAAAAT?!~ Like I would help you!”

<Nack> “I’m just as sick and tired of seeing your rat face!”


Bean + Bark + Fiona: Old Friends?

Back turns to look back from the foreground while Bean bounces over to greet Fiona.

<Bean> “Oh, hey! How about you ditch this “don’t need nobody-bad-girl” stuff and have fun with us like the old days?”

Fiona sighs and shakes her head before shrugging.

<Fiona> “You guys proving me wrong again. Fine then..”

Bark comes from behind and pounds a fist into his palm as they are all posed together

<Fiona> “…for old time sake then.”


Bean + Speedy + Predator: Battle Kukku Reunion

Bean wraps an arm around Speedy and Predator who each wince and look like they’re trying to pull away

<Bean> “Buddies!~ You’re just in time for the high school reunion photo op!”

<Predator> “Why hadn’t you gotten rid of this guy yet?!”

<Speedy> “Believe me we’ve tried more than enough!”


Bean + Bark: Dynamite Duo

A series of explosions assaults the air like a fireworks. Back slides in from the dust clearing while Bean rides on his back. Bean has Bark’s scarf grasped in one hand and a bomb on the other hand.

<Bean> “Weeeeee’re back!~”


Bark + Iggy: Heavyweights

The two stare each other down in a confrontation not unlike the iconic match between Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant with Iggy looking up to Bark and the polar bear returning an intense stare with his cap and scarf obscuring his face slightly. They then flex their arms fiercely to grasp opposite hands with one another while grunting


Jet + Wave + Storm: Power of Babylon

The three rush in looping through the air through their boards before jumping off their boards. The scene slows down as they activate Gravity Dive, then suddenly shoot forward one after another until they are out of sight. The three then fall down from above landing perfectly on their feet

<Jet> “It’s been a while.”

<Wave> “Believe we’ve got some unfinished business.”

<Storm> “Well we’re here to settle things now!”


Jet + Speedy: Birds of Destiny

Jet is seen from the front with his arms folded, looking back as Speedy walks in slowly from behind.

<Jet> “Well if it isn’t the winged wunderkind. How’s it going…Speedy?”

<Speedy> “You think you can just run away from your commitment? Become some rogue? You’re just a punk with no honor!”

Speedy points a finger while making a fist with his other hand, then clenches both fists. Jet, meanwhile, looks away disinterested

<Jet> “Listen, kid. I’ll help you for now, but honor is for the dead and duty is for idiots. All I’m interested is glory, so don’t hold me back.”

<Speedy> “You think you’re pretty hot stuff, doncha?! I’ll show you!”


Wave + Tekno: Gearhead Birdies

An explosion of one of Wave’s dynamite bombs and Tekno’s trick earrings explodes together and the two are seen shielding their eyes as the smoke clears.

<Tekno> “Think you could have used a little too much?”

<Wave> “I always put effort into my work. How about you?”

Wave drops her board down and it unfolds right after. Wave hops on and Tekno jumps right onto the rear while holding on to her.

<Wave> “Let’s see if you live up to your hype.”

<Tekno> “Don’t go thinking too much of yourself. Watch and learn.”


Silver + Blaze: Dreams of Forgotten Nova

Silver is shown on a close-up profile looking outward while hovering in mid-air and surrounded by his aura. The camera pans out as Blaze jumps down in the distance, using her flames to slow her fall. They then move closer and Blaze spins on one foot as Silver does a u-turn around her as she moves to the opposite side. Blaze has a hand at her hip and holds a hand out, while Silver hovers with legs kicked out similar to his 06 winpose.

<Blaze> “Time to go. Are you ready?”

<Silver> “As I’ll ever be. Let’s go for it!”


Silver + Lara-Su: Fractured Mirror

Silver hovers in from one side while Lara-Su runs in from the other. Silver raises a fist glowing with an aura in that and eventually his entire body. At the same time, reaches behind herself on the hilt of the Sword of Acorns before doing something similar with her own green aura.

<Lara-Su> “We may come from different times, but I can’t lose with a powerful ally like this.”

<Silver> “I don’t even know where to begin with saving my own world, but I know what we need to do for now. Let’s go!”


Silver + Shard + Elias: Unsung Heroes

Some close ups are shown of Silver adjusting a glove on, Leeta and Lyco adjusting gear on, Larry Lynx concentrating with his tongue out slightly as he fixes claw gauntlets on, Shard grinning as he charges his buster cannon, and zooming out just as Elias preps his crossbow at the front of the group. Silver and Shard in particular hovering above everyone on opposite sides.

<Elias> “Let’s go, Secret Freedom Fighters! We’ll save the city or die trying!”


Super Silver + Burning Blaze: Nova of Absolution

The two hover and spin around one another, then spiral in place with one arm extended upward. One is surrounded by golden PSI energy while Blaze is surrounded with flames. The two finish by holding their hands out, surging with power while still extended out.

<Blaze> “For every world…”

<Silver> “…For time itself…”

<Both> “…We’ll defeat you!”


Blaze + Marine: A New Venture

Marine comes in riding the Wave Cyclone in a hover mode, while Blaze rides with he rin the back. The Coconut Crew koalas clear out of the way and the two are forced to jump off as it crashes off-screen.

<Marine> “Coming through!~”

As they jump off, Marine falls on her backside. Blaze looks behind herself, sighing and shaking her head while holding a hand to her head. Marine then steps up along with Blaze and points outward.

<Marine> “I’ve only just started! I needs me some adventure!”

<Blaze> “I’m guessing you can come along. Just be careful.”


Tiara + Honey: Are You Brave?

Honey blurs in before jumping in with several aerial spins, while Tiara blurs several more times, moving right under Honey in a bolt of lightning while holding her staff. The two then pose with each other using backwards strikes colliding similar to Akira and Bahn in the Fighters Megamix opening.

<Both> “Who will…save the day?!”


Chaos 0 + Tikal: Inner Emerald

The Master Emerald shines there on its own before Tikal’s spirit ball form flies out and she takes physical form. Tikal stands in front of the Master Emerald and holds her arms out so as to block the way.

<Tikal> “There has to be another way! Please don’t do this, I beg of you!”

Chaos 0 then forms up out of a puddle near Tikal, who looks surprised as he gently moves her aside. Tikal then looks forwards.

<Tikal> “It seems there’s no other way.”


Chaos 0 + Razor: Eusebus Shrine Guardians

Chaos rises out of the ground in his basic Chaos 0 state, the camera panning back to reveal Razor and Coral in front of it. Razor takes his knife and Crusher flashes his teeth

<Razor> “Heh! They’re in for it now!”

<Coral> “Um…you can always beg the pardon of the mighty Chaos and he would be most gracious. Please?”


Chaos 0 + Fleetway Chaos: Coming of Chaos!

From two different sides, the two blobs go towards one another and then begin tracing out a circle as they follow, similar to that of the Dreamcast logo. Towards the center the two rise up from the fluid, standing together with assertive poses.
<Fleetway Chaos> “Just try and stop us…”


Chaos 2 + Chaos 5 + Chaos 6: Light of Dark Creatures

A large puddle drops down from above and spreads out. Chaos 6 rises ut first, while Chaos 2 jumps up and grabs onto its tail. Chaos 5 splashes out of the water and flies above them. They all gaze forward as Chaos 6 roars out.


Perfect Chaos + Elemental Chaos Bot + Fleetway Perfect Chaos: Gods of Destruction

All around the battlefield of choice, geysers begin to shoot out of the ground A tidal wave splashes over the field and Elemental Chaos Bot rises down from above. Perfect Chaos rises out with a roar as its head bursts out a part of the wall, while Fleetway Perfect Chaos bursts out from the ground. A split-screen shot of them is shown as their eyes open up close.

Biolizard + Devil Doom: Ultimate Devils

The Biolizard teleports into the area where Devil Doom as in the sky just before it. It seems that the prototype has finally awakended. No matter you will also suit this plan...”

Doom’s eye widen as the camera pans out to show both in view. Biolizard roars out once Devil Doom says his next line.

<Devil Doom> “…To the destruction of all who live on that planet!”


Void + Nights: D-Force Masters

Void stands in front of an Ideya Palace, looking curious of it. As he raises a hand, Nights flies in idly from the side and motions a hand down.

<Nights> “Now now. Let’s not get too curious there, my friends?”

Void spins around slowly and hovers into the air while getting some distance from Nights. Nights leans forward in mid-air contemplatively.

<Void> “Who are you? Are we…the same?”

<Nights> “Not quite, although you do seem like a Nightmaren.”
Void turns around and begins to hover away. Nights flies forward and wraps an arm around Void, who looks surprised and unsure.

<Nights> “Hey, don’t be so standoffish and melancholy. Let’s shuffle things up and have us some fun!”

<Void> “…Shuffle? I can do that. Sure…why not?”

Void + Lightmare: Maginary Enemies

Lightmare summons her chest and it opens on its own. From it emerges Void who hovers there hugging his legs while surrounded by fragments of Precious Stones.

<Lightmare> “You seem like you could come in handy.”

<Void> “Do you also desire a Precious Stone?”

Lightmare turns around and motions a hand out as mist swirls around her.

<Lightmare> “Another time, perhaps. I might need some assistance from you.”

Voids has the shards disperse and floats forward, taking on a dynamic pose hovering just to Lightmare’s right


Black Doom + Eclipse: Shadows in the Dark

Black Doom looks behind himself as Eclipse steps into view while petting the Dark Arm, Cregel that flies over near him.

<Black Doom> “We have delayed ourselves too long for the sake of your affairs.

<Eclipse> “The Dark Arms will make us strong, my master. Now, more than ever your children need strength.”

Black Doom clasps his hands and looks forward.

<Black Doom> “True enough. Just do not fail me and we may even fulfill our purpose earlier than expected.”


Black Doom + Black Warrior: Forth into the Black

Black Wings fly down in flocks down from the sky. The camera goes back untilt he eyes of Black Doom are in the frame. He raises his arm out as armed Black Warriors gather below him similar to a scene from Shadow the Hedgehog’s opening sequence.

<Black Doom> “Go forth, my Black Arms. Leave none left standing in our path.”


Erazor Djinn + Merlina: Make Believe Reborn

<Both> “Ifalas zaras l e zaraq”

Strange chanting is echoing from two sources as the heat begins to rise along with a purple mist. Arabic text swirls around along with Celtic glyphs.

<Erazor> “Now!”

<Merlina> “Come forth!”

Within a summoning circle the two suddenly appear. Erazor has his arms folded while holding his blade underhanded while Merlina stands idly with her staff to the ground while holding a lamp

<Merlina> “You are obligated to serve my wishes. I promise this will not be long.”

<Erazor> “Hmph! A presumptuous wench even when compared to Shahra. Very well. I’ll entertain myself on your behalf.”


Alf-Layla-Wa-Layla + Dark Queen Merlina: In Hand and With Me

Through a circuler gateway lined with Arabic text and Celtic glyphs. The two will merge from it, hovering alongside one another.

<Alf-Layla> “Now...let the new world commence!”

Before the monster can move forward, two swords slash out in an X to block the way. Merlina lowers her hand and recalls them while Alf-Layla looks to her.

<Merlina> “Calm yourself. There are further threats to dispense with before the kingdom can be born anew.”

They both face forwards, having all their blades and weapons ready.


Merlina + Ebony: Orders from the Illusion

Merlina sits at a table with a wilted flower in a vase similar to the one she got from Sonic. Ebony sits across from her and slide a coffee her way while having one of her own.

<Ebony> “Now now, cheer up. We might end up helping each other out momentarily.”

Merlina hesitates at first, but then they both take a sip. Merlina covers her mouth and surprises and Ebony snickers slightly.

<Ebony> “Well, are you ready?”

They would have stand up. Merlina has her staff raised out while Ebony holds hands out with warding gestures.

<Merlina> “Thank you for your kindness. I will be certain to repay it.”

<Ebony> “We’ll worry about the bill later. Let’s see if we can learn something from one another.”


Dark Queen Merlina + Iron Queen: Wicked Smiles

The two sit side by side with one another each on their respective thrones. Regina holds a hand to her mouth while smiling.

<Iron Queen> “Some unwelcome visitors have arrived. Mree-hee.~ Shall we get started then?”

<Dark Queen> “I do not share your amusement, but I see now is the time to fight.”

<Iron Queen> “Shall we then?”

Merlina raises off the ground and disappears as a red eye takes form and tendrils shoot out of it, blurring around until the Dark Queen’s full form emerges. Regina then comes in riding a metal dragon which swirls around the Dark Queen and wraps around it, all while Regina strikes a pose on top of the head.


Shade + Imperator IX: Momentary Nocturne

Shade stands up front with various of the other Nocturnus gathered. All stand combat ready and defending their leader as Imperator Ix rises down from behind them.
<IX> “I’m sure it won’t be a compete waste to destroy you myself, but let’s see just what you’re made of first.”

He then points his scepter outwards as Shade readies her blades.

<IX> “Nocturnus, to me! Let’s see if you even have the slightest step of stopping me. Thought even this, I doubt.”


Shade + Julie-Su: Legends of the Twilight

The two are looking at each other from different sides, appearing to be sizing each other up.

<Julie-Su> “One of those Nocturnus? Please, you’re just an old ghost story.”

<Shade> “We’re as real as you can ever imagine. Do you really believe you’d inherited our battle prowess?”

Julie-Su points her gun out with a hand behind her while Shade readies her blades.

<Julie-Su> “I could care as less about you guys than I do about the Legion. You’re not friendly with your group anymore either, so back me up here.”

<Shade> “Fine. Just don’t go rushing in before you even know what your enemy’s capable of.”


Imperator IX + Finetivus + Cyber Zachary: Shades of White and Black

Finetivus stands with his cape unfurled and his arms folded while looking smug and satisfied. Zachary approaches from the opposite side and points towards him.

<Zachary> “You seem so confident of affairs so far, but have yet to get any results.”

Finetivus turns to face him, maintaining that prize smile of his. While holding his hands out.

<Finetivus> “Have some patience my friend. With this alliance, soon our enemies will be but a memory.”

Zachary then points his cybernetic arm out as he forms a cannon. Finetivus retalities by leaning back and curling his fingers as dark fire builds up around his arms.

<Zachary> “…And who will decide the rule once the fires have subsided? You?!”

Imperator IX then teleports between the two, causing them to back off.

<IX> “Is there a problem here, gentlemen?”

Finetivus regains his composure as the fires die down and he adjusts his cloak slightly. Zachary simply turns around while sneering over his shoulder slightly.

<Finetivus> “Certainly not. Simply waiting for our gracious and most honored host to arrive.”

Ix then floats forward between them as the two make room as he raises his scepter up and charges power.

<IX> “Good. With your allied assistance, this planet will be purged and all that defy us will be less than dust!”


Grand Battle Kukku XV + Speedy: Battlelords XV and XVI

From a distance, Speedy can be seen perched on a piece of the environment as the Armadas troops march in along with their walker mecha, and blue bird robots are perched in position around Speedy who steps back slightly.

<Speedy> “Trust me. Fighting all this will be a lot better than facing him.”

The Grand Battle Kukku, then floats down using his gravity field in front of them all with his legs together and his arms folded behind himself.

<Battle Kukku XV> “Watch closely, my son.”

He raises a hand in front of himself.

<Battle Kukku XV> “I am about to teach these interlopers a harsh lesson in discipline!”


Grand Battle Kukku XV + Wendy Witchcart: Anti Sky Patrol

The two are seen standing on the edge of the Battle Fortress. The Battllord is leaning down on one leg while peering out with a grin. Wendy has her claw raised and gribs her arm with her opposite hand. At their sides are the Witchcarters, Dr. Fukurov, and Battlebird troops. Wendy chuckles as they both peer down.

<Battle Kukku XV> “I can’t tell you how long we’ve been waiting for this.”

<Wendy> “I certainly do hope we leave an impression.

Normally the two are simply teleported in via Wendy’s magic where the two then strike a pose. If the Battle Fortress is the stage, then they will simply turn around while their allies scatter.


Wendy Witchcart + Ixis Naugas: Children of Ixis

A cluster of crystal spikes begin to rise up, spreading more rapidly until breaking out into pieces. Ixis Naugas steps up looking behind himself while raising a claw up, while Wendy raises her arms up while holding her own claw to her side.

<Naugas> “That should handle the hard work. Now it’s our turn.”

<Wendy> “Eee-hee-hee!~ Coe to me, pretties! There’s much work to do, indeed! Right, Walter?”

Naugas takes on a more angry look as he raises his claw, while Wendy moves closer holding her claw in a side profile while looking over her shoulder and sticking her tongue out slightly.

<Naugas> “I told you…hsaaa…not to call me that!”

<Wendy> “Oh, don’t be such a goober.”


Zavok + Zazz + Zeena: Dance of the Deadly Six

Zavok smirks and chuckles softly, holding two fingers to his head just like shortly before he took control of Eggman’s Badniks. Only just Zazz and Zeena are with him at first. Zomom spins in from a cyclone into the frame, Zik glides down riding on top of his staff impacting into the ground, and a black rose is thrown in just before Zor awakwardly runs in next to it. Zavok then points forward.

<Zavok> “Now my breathren. Let us show them that Zeti do not lay down and surrender…”

They then jumps forward all at once similar to initial Lost World trailers and production art.

<Zavok> “…they conquer! Hahahahaha!~”
USF: Team Poses - Segasonic Allies and Enemies
So I've finally decided to stop beating around the bush and get the remaining Segasonic content from the games out in one fell swoop. One continuity down, seven and a half to go along with OCs and guest chars.


United States
Heya, my name's Morph, as some people know me on here.. I'm not much of an artist, I just come on here to check other people's works, keep in touch with peeps I know, and give comments on certain pieces I like. As of recently I'm trying my hand at fanfics, which I haven't done in forever. If I have anything to put up I'll be sure to put it up on here, so watch if anything comes up int he gallery or even the scraps. Also if anyone is good enough friends with me and I happen to put you on the number of accounts I watch, I highly recommend returning the favor and watching mine.

Current Residence: Georgia
Favourite genre of music: Rock in general, but classical is fine too
Favourite style of art: Cartoon, manga or comic styles
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic the Hedgehog, the Straw Hat Pirates, most Marvel/DC chars
Personal Quote: "Better saved than sorry" "Anyone can be beat if you know how"
The reason I hadn’t been updating nearly as much on here is because both work and school have had me pretty occupied. In fact, my busy work schedule did at times get in the way of me completing my final project, although there was a smidge bit of procrastination on my part. One other problem is that the initial final project dealt with a program that neither I nor my professor was prepared for. So he said to just turn in what I got and see if I could get the rest of my code into a quick web site since I was literally pushing this at the last week. It was stressful to say the least, although some procrationation came from engaging in other activities.

While it wasn’t during the project period, I did spend more time with my sister and her sister’s kids. A bit too hyped up at time, but I occupied them with the old Dizzy Dizzy Dinosaur board game and some Wii Sports. I also helped get their 3DS versions of Smash Bros up to date so they could at least play online with my version which has maxed out DLC. I also helped introduce them to Back to the Future the same way when I was little. Namely by starting with the 2nd installment first cause you know…future and hover boards is a quick sell for kids. Not to mention I wanted to spare them the trauma of seeing Doc Brown shot up at the beginning of the first movie this soon. Though~ I admit I did forget about some of the swearing and the scary bad future in the second movie’s middle half. The first part actually got my niece pretty excited though. A few appointments got in the way with time with them, but I made the most of it. We also went out to see Secret Life of Pets. Feels like Illumination Entertainment is improving and getting out of Minion-mode, though I do think the crazy rabbit who flip-flops between “face” and “heel” at a moment’s notice was a bit much and some side characters were better than others. Do think Gidget’s freaking adorable though.

Also went to another pool party, this time with loads more kids from my mom’s class. Still had some suntan mishaps. Honestly think my face is getting too sensitive to them in general. While I did pig out on food a bit, I had a good time there and it was good to get to know everyone mom was working with. We also went to this old lake cabin we used to hang out at for old time’s sake. Our friend who owns the cabin had a newer boat and even drug us around a bit on a larger than usual float that bounced us around a bit. We got together for an early boat trip and breakfast the morning after.

This past weekend after all the crud with the project was said and done, I tried a few things new. First off, I went on one of those “mud runs”. Basically a big outdoor obstacle course where you get covered with mud pretty dang quickly. On the bright side, you at least stay hydrated since with mud there’s water. It’s a short run, but has the consequence of a long wait time. I compared it to the old obstacle course from Double Dare, though it took my mom and sis a minute to get the reference. The only problem is that I forgot spare shoes and a towel, but that was a small hindrance I had to deal with.

Later that same evening, I went out with friends to see Suicide Squad at an old drive-in. I drove off to tis town I used to spend some time in ways back. Interesting how a small ice cream spot is now in the same spot there as one of those dreams I mentioned. : 3 The only problem is that their car pool was full, so I had to follow behind. Getting on the freeway was stressful and this is the first time I’ve drove up near the Atlanta area in my lifetime. Not to mention the fact that sis was worried cause the drive-in was close to a bad neighborhood, though my friend assured me that security was decent. On the down side, it was crowded getting out and we had at least one friend that couldn’t come. That aside, it was great. Basically the parking spots are sloped so you can see the screen and you tune in the radio to hear the movie audio in your car, so great stuff if you have particularly great surround sound. We tried without cranking the cars all the way at first, but it got hot after a while. I was also happy to loan out some car seats to some kids they brought along.

Okay, so I hear initial reviews to the movie itself were bad, but I was already invested in this and not backing out. I think most of the criticisms were cause of the plot tending to jump around possibly because of scenes cut out. I, however, am not bugged by that too much. I guess there’s also the suspension of disbelief that so many fantastical previously unseen origin stories co-exist with one another with some getting more explanation than others, but well…that’s how comic books are. That being said, I loved the movie. After the bleakness of the last two DC movies, I feel this is a step in the right direction. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and had a great cast all around. You’re probably wondering who the main villains are.

First off, it’s not the Joker. His role’s fairly minor and he’s mostly here cause you can’t have Harley without Joker. There are actually two main villains. One’s in plain sight and the other’s obscure even by my standards. Of course, you can’t have the Squad without the bad lady supposedly on the side of good getting other baddies to do what she wants. Forget any other live-action versions.  This is your definitive Amanda Waller outside of CCH Pounder handling voicework in any toons/games the character’s been in. Its every much the stone cold b-word you remember from the comics minus the obese proportions I can’t imagine anyone in real life ever matching. I played this clip below in my car once, but forgot my Bluetooth was on. While it didn’t happen, I did have this funny thought of the audio coming out of nowhere for two kids watching the movie. That aside, I like the new Joker, but do think his laugh is a little nasal and sometimes sounds like the sloth from Zootopia. I will say that Batman has some cameos and is improving a bit compared to the “Crazy Steve” we saw last in BVS. Also, Joker apparently reciprocates Harley this time around, which is new, but doesn’t bother me. I don’t know, maybe there’s some deleted scenes of him slapping her. The relationship seems more “stable” compared to their comic counterparts though this is still two psychos we’re talking about.…

And oh yes, I have been getting into this whole Pokémon Go hype. Yeah at first I had to catch up cause of server problems, some delay, and the fact that it wouldn’t confirm my registration at first. Once in, I realized that my neighborhood is pretty much a dead zone when it comes to Pokémon. Does however give me an excuse to walk around the park or even the golf course though. Playing often seems to numb up my thumbs like most app games though. I’m also disappointed the graphics weren’t quite as extravagant as the trailers brought up and expected to see more Pokémon minding their business sin the wild like Pokémon Snap on the N64. I will say it is pretty addictive though.

Speaking of hurting my fingers, I also finally got into Blazblue with the sole game released on the 3DS. Brings back some Guilty Gear nostalgia with its style, though gameplay wise every character seems to have their own gimmick activated by one button, so experimentation is a must here. Though if that’s too hard to can try the super-easy “stylish” mode where it’s as simple as Smash Bros and you can just button mash. I am, however, turned off by the fact that the series main villain seems to keep overriding character endings and seems to always win plot-wise no matter how much you kick his arse. I also got into the more recent Bionic Commando games…well…one of them. For some reason, Rearmed doesn’t seem to work on my PC. I wanted to check the newer 3d game in spite of reviews, but well…they were right. While there are some cool nods to the original game, the swinging physics are horrid compared to the great ones I’ve seen in Spider-Man titles and the story’s way too grimdark in comparison to the original which was just old-fashioned fun in the vain of Contra.

Only one dream I remember enough of. Had me with a fat miniature pet dragon with gold scales and wings it barely used. I’ve got another semester coming up, but hopefully it shouldn’t be as hectic due to a larger time frame. There’s also Dragoncon in September, but I might just go one day for that rather than spend the whole weekend. Been wanting to see the new Star Trek with my folks, but work schedules have put a damper on that. Other than all that, I’m gonna use this lack of class for two weeks to take it easy.


  • Listening to: Fist of the North Star music
  • Reading: Capcom Character Encyclopedia
  • Watching: Push
  • Playing: Pokemon Go
  • Eating: Chex
  • Drinking: Gatorade

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